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Lycoming College is a baccalaureate college that affiliates itself with the United Methodist Church and seats itself in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The college has two unique advantages one of them being that it only offers four-year education, the other being that they are a small college. These two features combined mean that Lycoming has an individualized focus on undergraduate education. In addition, the book “Best Buys in College Education” has placed Lycoming in the top 300 colleges for charging “below average cost” for an “above average education”.

In 1812, Lycoming College was originally founded under a the name of  “Williamsport Academy of the Education of Youth in the English and Other Languages, in the Useful Arts, Science and Literature.” Eventually, by 1848, the campus had been purchased by the Baltimore Conference and reopened as a preparatory school for Dickinson College called the Williamsport Dickinson Seminary. In 1947, the seminary had evolved into a baccalaureate college with curriculum spanning the array of liberal arts and sciences. By 1948, the college reassigned its name as Lycoming College, derived from the Native American “lacomic”, a word that means “great stream”.

The goal of Lycoming College is to provide a liberal arts curriculum that spans the range of a baccalaureate credential. The setting has been made diverse and supportive so that students can pursue their education through communication and by finding their own academic identity. Beyond that, the college hopes to enhance the human spirit by graduating unique individuals that not only change the professions they enter, but who also use their minds to better society. The college currently doesn’t offer online courses nor distance education degree programs, however, the college is apt to assemble these platforms soon. Distance learners can expect to see opportunities like this unfold in the near future.

What is unique about Lycoming College is that its most pursued major is Psychology. It is even more pursued than the popular Business Administration & Management. This gives the college a good balance between practical, professional studies and scientific fields concerning a particular occupation. Some other popular fields of study include General Biology, Biological Sciences, Criminology, and Art Studies. Since the distribution spans professional field, artistic studies, scientific studies, and applied sciences, the curriculum is very well-rounded giving each major its own attention.

Since the college is baccalaureate, only undergraduate fees apply. Undergraduate full-time students pay $28,224 per year while part-time students should expect to pay $882 per credit hour. Lycoming understands the hardships involved with paying yearly tuition fees, a successful effort to curtail the cost of education has been made. 98% of attendees are receiving institutional grants from Lycoming College directly and in great amount. Federal, state, and local aid is also available to fill out more of the cost and has provided approximately 3 out of 10 students with grants.

Lycoming College is a supportive, well-rounded college that seeks to elevate students of all backgrounds and studies to a place of higher education. For reasons like these, it has been ranked as one of the top schools in Pennsylvania. It won’t be long before its education benefits will be available to distance learners around the world.

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