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The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is an institution of higher learning in the arts and is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The college, being that it is dedicated to the fine arts, offers baccalaureate degrees of fine arts in the techniques of Drawing, Illustration, Painting, and Sculpture. In order to supply the best education in fields like these, the college not only teaches about the technique and practice, but also teaches about the development and history of these fields as well.

In 1976, the academy had its start teaching Sculpture, Drawing, Illustration, and Painting. Since then, the college has been training students to receive a bachelor’s degree in fine arts by supplying an arts-only atmosphere dedicated to the aforementioned fields. It quickly became the only exclusive institution of fine arts that has received accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The school has also been formally accredited by a few other fine arts associations and even by the State of Connecticut.

The most popular field of study at the fine arts college is painting. My painting students have come to the college to learn from Lyme’s instructors simply because their instructors are the most qualified in their field and are usually practicing artists themselves. The academy is also concentrated in sculpture with a sculpture program that is one of the best in the northeastern states. Beyond that, students can choose from other illustrative arts or simply combine the techniques in interdisciplinary studies and achieve the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts.

Currently, the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts does not feature any online courses or distance learning programs. This is mostly due to their limited size and emphasis in hands-on training, but academy has announced plans to start offering courses online in the near future. From these online courses, distance programs evolve, and distance learners can expect opportunities to arise in the near future.

Undergraduate full-time students pay $20,256 per year and part-time students should expect to pay $844 per credit hour. The college is four-year, but also offers some post-baccalaureate programs and even a three-year certificate. Graduate students simply pay the same rates as undergraduates when pursuing either of these programs. Financial aid has been generously awarded from the academy to 91% of attendees in an effort to curtail the usually high cost of fine arts education. Federal, state, and local grants have been awarded to fill out the gaps that institutional grants don’t fill. As a result, every student at the Lyme Academy is receiving financial aid in some form.

The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is not just a place where a student goes to earn a degree. The college is equipped to give students irrevocable and unmatched experience in the techniques that they so desire. It won’t be long before distance learners like you can earn a fine arts degree from the comfort of your own home.

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