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Lyndon State College is a state-supported college located at the Lyndon Center in Lyndonville, Vermont. The mission of Lyndon State College is to provide students with an education that is both experiential and committed to the highest quality. This has been successfully achieved in their expansive liberal arts curriculum and also in their subsidiary pre-professional programs. To compliment this education, Lyndon uses their networked and state resources to open the gates of opportunity of their students to move on to either further study or a rewarding line of work in their studies.

Lyndon State College dates back to 1911, when it functioned as a single-year normal school in rented spaces. It eventually expanded to a two-year institution in 1923, a three year institution in 1934, and by 1944, Lyndon was granted the right to confer degrees as a four-year school for teaching. Eventually, in 1961, the State of Vermont established the Vermont State College system. The college, then functioning under the title of Lyndon Teachers College, was incorporated as Lyndon State College and rapidly expanded its resources, majors, and degree programs with the backing of the state.

The college is a culmination of subsidiary institutes and schools that fall under the same administration. Some of the focuses involve the Vermont Institute of Applied Meteorology, the Institute of Canadian Studies, East Central Vermont Literacy Consortium, and other schools and research centers designed with the student in mind. Through these institutions, Lyndon networks its resources to expand the educational opportunities.

Of the most popular areas of concentration at Lyndon State is Human Services. This comes in tandem with the second most popular major, Business Administration & Management, making the college strong in qualifications for the corporate landscape and its many subsequent professions. Other popular majors at the college are Radio & Television Broadcasting Technology, Meteorology, and Graphic Design.

Since Lyndon State College is a part of the Vermont State College system. Tuition varies by status of residency. For in-state undergraduates, full-time tuition is $7,488 per year and part-time tuition is $345 per credit hour. For out-of-state undergraduates, full-time tuition is $16,152 per year and part-time undergraduates pay $706 per credit hour.  Lyndon offers institutional grants and has supplied approximately 8 out 10 students with awards on a consistent basis. Federal, state, and local grants have supplied grants for 4 out of 10 students. As a result, 98% of students at Lyndon State College are receiving some form of financial aid.

Lyndon State College continues in its tradition of being more than just a school for teaching. With the subsequent institutions, networked resources, backing of the state, and the best faculty that money can buy, Lyndon State College offers students a multitudinous array of majors, studies, and opportunities for all who come to study. It won’t be long before distance learning and online platforms are established for education online.

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