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Lyon College is  a baccalaureate liberal arts college that has affiliations with the Presbyterian Church and is located in Batesville, Arkansas. What sets Lyon apart from the crowd is that it is not simply a place to earn your degree. Rather, it is a community of scholars, professors, and students alike that network together to succeed. Lyon is one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the South, not just for its academic rigor, but for its teaching of the whole person by the environment that it creates.

Originally the college was instituted under the title of Arkansas College under the auspices of local Presbyterian efforts. Over the years, the college fought through its initial hardships with the added setbacks of the depression and two world wars that drew students away from the campus. With ardent effort, and rapid development, the campus managed to get past these difficulties and expand their programs and academics to accommodate the many students that came after.

Currently, Lyon College doesn’t feature online courses or distance learning programs. The college has announced plans to assemble an online platform in the near future to attract students from all around the world. Soon, distance learning programs will evolve from these efforts as has naturally progressed with many colleges.

The most popular area of study at Lyon College is Marketing with Biology following closely in second. Here we have university that has a forte in both the practical teachings of business administration, and the theories and research of the physical sciences, like Biology. Usually, colleges will exhibit one forte or the other and, in the liberal arts curriculum, colleges won’t pay much attention to their subsidiary science courses. Other popular areas of study are Social Sciences, Psychology, English, and History.

Another distinguishable feature about the college is that its faculty is mostly a group of scholars that consistently contribute to their respective disciplines. 9 out of 10 professors at Lyon hold the highest possible degree in their field and almost all classes are taught by this portion. Some of the staff have even been selected for recognition on the statewide level by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and even the Carnegie Foundation.

Since Lyon College is a four-year school, only undergraduate fees apply. Undergraduate full-time students pay $15,466 per year while part-time students pay $644 per credit hour. Financial aid is a given at Lyon College. Every student on campus has received some form of financial aid in the form of an institutional grant from Lyon College itself. In addition, federal, state, and local grants have almost lapped this populace again with grants supplying 85% of students with grants on a yearly basis. Tuition money is not hard to come by at Lyon.

Lyon College is an excellent resource for students that want to find their degree somewhere within the field of the liberal arts and sciences. For distance learners, it won’t be long before online opportunities start emerging from Lyon College for them to attend as well.

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