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Macalester College is a small liberal arts college with Presbyterian affiliations and is seated in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The college has an international atmosphere with students from over 94 foreign countries worldwide and 49 states nationwide. What Macalester College focuses on is student success by instituting rigorous academic programs that shape the students into successful professionals after their graduation.  Adding to this are the inspiring opportunities available to all students that want to make the fullest out of their education. Students have been sent around the world and have compared their studies with researchers working at the forefront of medical research.

Macalester traces its roots back to the 1800’s when Dr. Edward Duffield Neill decided to found a college that would revert students from the already established Saint Paul Baldwin School into a collegiate school. A building was donated and Macalester College was chartered by 1874. Eventually, the Presbyterian Church contributed funds towards maintaining the college’s stability and financing. It was the combined efforts of the church and Charles Macalester that brought the college through times of economic malaise.  Its international approach toward recruitment allowed the college to flourish into its present cosmopolitan environment.

The most popular area of study at Macalester is Economics. The college is one of the few colleges that doesn’t feature business majors or business concentrations. Instead, Macalester has spread its attention around to the spectrum of liberal arts and sciences. Political Science & Government is the second most sought after concentration. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to General Biology, Biological Sciences, General Psychology, and English Language & Literature. Macalester currently doesn’t feature any online programs or distance learning degree programs. The college has announced plans, however, to expand their curriculum to an online platform which will spawn online courses and eventually a full distance learning program.

Since the college is baccalaureate, one need only concern themselves with undergraduate tuition rates. Undergraduate part-time students pay $1,135 per credit hour and full-time students should expect to pay $36,304 per year. Macalester College has had a history of generously allotted financial aid grants. Approximately 7 out of 10 students receive institutional grants directly from Macalester itself. Federal, state, and local aid combine to supply approximately  15% of students leaving 77% of all Macalester College students with some form of financial aid including student loans.

Macalester is focused on broad horizons. This means that students of all walks of life, cultures, philosophies are not only welcome, but supported in their studies. Then the students themselves can focus on their own broad horizons when they have an expansive liberal arts and sciences curriculum at their disposal. Through the combination of rigorous study and eclectic exposure to different intellectualities, the real growth can occur now that there is a range of possibilities to pursue. It won’t be far in the future before Macalester offers that same academic advantage to distance learners worldwide.

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