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MacMurray College is a liberal arts college and pre-professional institute set in Jacksonville, Illinois. The advantage that MacMurray features is that they combine an expansive liberal arts curriculum with practical routes and training in pre-professional programs. Combining these two gives students many majors to choose from, a well-rounded collegiate experience, and a seamless transition from college into the workforce with the proper knowhow and real-world skills. Beneath that is a commitment to ethics rooting from Methodist heritage that encourages students to take their ethical knowledge and experience and apply it to the world we live in today.

The Methodist heritage of MacMurray College can be found at the college’s very inception. In 1846, a small congregation grouped together to form the Illinois Conference Female Academy making it one of the oldest higher education institutions in the country that were originally intended for women. Eventually, by 1930, Illinois state senator James E. MacMurray had played a key role in gaining the college its facilities and its following endowment. In his honor, the college was re-titled the MacMurray College for Women. In 1955, a reciprocal MacMurray College for Men was established but was quickly merged with the female academy to form a coeducational college.

MacMurray College has strong programs in applied sciences like Nursing and Criminal Justice. Nursing is the most pursued major at the college with Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration nipping at its heels.  The rest of the popular majors, Education/Teaching of the Hearing Impaired, Sign Language Interpretation & Translation, and Social Work, are oriented towards social service making MacMurray College generally a philanthropic institution for the professionals it produces.

Currently, MacMurray College doesn’t possess their own online courses or distance learning programs. MacMurray is apt to assemble an online platform soon after announcements to supplement students on campus with online courses for hybridized classes. As most colleges have shown, online courses inevitably evolve into full distance learning programs and distance learners can expect to see opportunities appear soon.

Since MacMurray is a four-year institution, one need only concern themselves with undergraduate fees. Undergraduate full-time students will pay $17,000 per year in tuition fees, part-time students should expect to pay $565 per credit hour. MacMurray has generously awarded its students with institutional grants, 99%, or basically anyone who applies for financial aid through MacMurray. Federal aid has also been plenty, but state and local grants have been in slightly more abundant supply. Almost every student on campus is receiving financial aid in some form.

Mac Murray prepares its students every step of the way to enter a fruitful career of their passion. A student gets financial aid, career counseling, pre-professional programs to choose from, internships, research opportunities, and job offerings making the MacMurray approach to education complete – from start to finish. Soon, MacMurray will be offering courses and degrees online or students who don’t have the means to come to campus in person.

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