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Maharishi University of Management is a not-for-profit university that integrates Transcendental Meditation with degree programs offered in business, arts, sciences, and humanities. The model of education at Maharishi is “consciousness-based” meaning that students study their respective subjects while kindling their inner creative potential. Another crucial aspect of the curriculum is Transcendental Meditation, a natural and simple technique that is proven through extensive research to boost ability, reduce stress, and optimize brain function. Beyond that is a broad liberal arts and sciences curriculum with degrees that span from associate’s degrees to terminal degrees in many different fields.

The university found its start in 1974 when a large number of students seeking alternative curriculum came to study at the newly formed Maharishi International University. The central mantra – the pillar of the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – was that the goal of life is to expand one’s happiness and, through this, one can achieve infinite potential. Eventually his influential teachings gained attention from research and culminated a new field of science called the Science of Creative Intelligence. This science connects all aspects of knowledge from biology, to art, to mathematics to one’s self through mutual understanding. Eventually, the name was changed to the Maharishi University of Management in 1995.

By and large, the most popular study at university is Computer Science. Also popular, coming in second place is Business Administration & Management. Based on these figures alone, there are two unique advantages. One is that Computer Science and Business Administration Management frequently cross disciplines in such fields as Management Information Systems or in departments like Information Technology. The second advantage is that this key concentration at the university is lined with the transcendental teachings of Maharishi giving students a unique perspective on business. Other popular majors are Accounting, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Environmental Science.

Currently, due to the university’s focus on transcendental meditation, distance learning can’t be offered. The university did announce plans of establishing a distance learning platform in the future. Distance learners can expect opportunities from Maharishi to arise later on.

The university features degrees on the undergraduate and graduate level, but the tuition rates for both levels of collegiate status are identical. Full-time students at Maharishi should expect to pay $24,000 per year, part-time students should expect to pay $350 per credit hour. Financial aid is generously awarded through the university to 95% of attendees. Federal, state, and local grants are awarded on a consistent yearly basis and are responsible for the financial aid of approximately 4 out of 10 students. Overall, 97% of Maharishi students are receiving some form of financial aid.

For an education that literally transcends the textbook, Maharishi University of Management is a top choice. Not only is the university unique in its curriculum, but it treats each of its students as a unique person, and not just an SAT score and a GPA waiting to graduate. For distance learners around the globe, education will soon expand to reach, just as Maharishi traveled the globe teaching his meditative techniques.

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