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The Maine College of Art is an art college that is accredited by the Association of Independent College of Art and Design and is located in Portland, Maine. The college sports a systematic approach to the arts by exposing students to a foundation in the arts. The second year of their education features an exposure to a variety of medias that help them select a major or a focus, for interdisciplinary artists. Then the students progress onward and study their mediums to the finest detail, compiling a portfolio as they go, leading to a Bachelor or Master of Fine Arts.

The college of art believes that students must shape their own educational experiences with minimal interference from the institution. What the college focuses on rather is formulating an artistic environment in which the student can nurture and kindle his/her talents. Beneath that is a classical grounding in all mediums and techniques. A good arts education is typically well-rounded and thusly verses itself in many separate schools of thought in the arts. Faculty are not only qualified and experienced in their respective areas, but are mostly practicing artists themselves giving instruction the operability of currency and fresh integration.

The two most popular studies at the college are Sculpture and General Fine/Studio Arts. Sculpting spans a variety of mediums and is explored in depth by Maine College students. Adding to this is a large body of students that are delving into interdisciplinary studies or simply becoming multi-talented artists. Other popular majors include Photography, Graphic Design, and Painting.

Distance learning currently isn’t offered at the college mostly due to their current size. Many arts colleges have started with hybrid courses that have online elements incorporated, and have then expanding towards offering online courses independently, and eventually distance degrees. The majority of colleges in general have been assembling online platforms since the turn of the millennia and distance learners can expect opportunities to arise in the near future.

Full-time tuition for graduate and undergraduate students is identical. Full-time students should expect to pay $26,490 per year, and part-time undergraduates should expect to pay $1,104 per credit hour. The Maine College of Art only enrolls graduate students full-time. The grants from the College of Art are in plentiful supply and are awarded in some degree to virtually all who apply for them. Federal, state, and local grants have been consistently awarded and account for approximately 2 out of 10 students at the college.

If you are a student that is looking for an arts curriculum that is both grounded and immersed, the Maine College of Art is the school of choice for aspiring artists like you. The faculty, staff, and college personnel support your development every step of the way and are among some of the best in their fields. If you are a distance learner that wants to pursue the arts at Maine College, opportunities will be able for you in the near future.

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