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Maine Maritime Academy is a public college and institution for nautical training seated in Castine, Maine. The academics and concentrations at the academy are fairly straightforward. There many reasons to attend, such as the academy’s reasonably low tuition costs. There are also opportunities to join the Regiment and progress onward to foreign countries like Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, and even Australia. In addition to the benefits of nautical training, the academy also boasts strong pre-professional programs that land 90% of its students a great salary. The same can be said about Maine Maritime’s Engineering Programs.

In 1930, Maine legislature began proposals for a nautical academy that eventually led to the founding of the academy, among others. By 1941, the Maine Maritime Academy was established by the state of Maine. Classes began by meeting at a local normal school with dormitories being an extended stay at the Pentagoet Inn. The academy expanded its horizons to accommodate deck officers and engineering officers as a collective effort to supply the U.S. Merchant Marine prior to World War II. After the war, the academy had evolved into a baccalaureate institution and gained accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Currently, the Maine Maritime Academy doesn’t offer distance learning or online courses. This is mostly due to the fact that most training in the nautical landscape is based in hands-on training and is difficult to communicate in a distance format. Changing trends in technology, however, have brought many schools with the same difficulties towards delivering successful distance education programs. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise from the Maine Maritime Academy in the near future.

The most popular field of study at the academy is Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, followed closely by Marine Science/Merchant Marine Officer. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to, Systems Engineering, Engineering Technologies/Technician, and International Business/Trade/Commerce. Institutional grants have been awarded to help offset the cost of tuition supplying 1/3 of attendees. Federal, state, and local grants have also been awarded and in greater amount making financial aid not hard to come by at the Maine Maritime Academy.

A full expanse of majors and concentrations are offered at the academy including fields like Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Systems Engineering, Power Engineering Technology, Small Vessel Operations, Marine Biology, Marine Science, and even options for Interdisciplinary Studies. Also included in the array of opportunities at Maine Maritime are three graduate level programs offering the Master of Science in various Business and Management disciplines.

What the Maine Maritime Academy represents is a ensured path to success in the nautical fields whether it is in business or in the Regiment. Students who want to use their creative talents at bay or out at sea will find copious resources to work with. It won’t be long before the academy offers programs to distance learners like you around the globe.

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