Make the Most of Your College Days

Although individual experiences can be immensely contrasting to one another, the general consensus is that “College is the best time of your life.” For whatever reason, that’s what we have been told since we were kids – which is incredibly dissatisfying considering I’d like to believe that my life will be the best when I do something like get married and grow old with someone I love. In any case, I don’t believe that your college days are by any means the worst time in your life. And in fact, you should make the most of your college days, because regardless of if they are the best or not, they are a rarity. You will never have another “college experience.”

Make the most of your collegiate days. (photo by Jixar)

Make the most of your collegiate days. (photo by Jixar)

#1. Use Your Student ID Discounts Whenever Possible

One of the luxuries of college have nothing to do with college. It means student rate pricing for certain things. I’m lucky enough to be in a music appreciation class that’s going to allow me to buy student rate tickets to go see a famous orchestra in the near future. I know that other places, like Qdoba will offer you a free drink with your valid ID.

#2. Make Friends!

It’s substantially harder to do so in my community college, because there’s not much you can do to get “plugged in” – at least, considering I attend a smaller branch that barely suffices as a campus eighty percent of the time. Regardless, college is a time to broaden your surroundings. You’re not longer constricted to the school you attend or your neighboring schools for making friends. Make friends in the halls, in the cafeteria, or in your science class. It’s a good idea to befriend both your peers and elders – like professors and locals. One article I read even suggested befriending the cooks at your school’s cafeteria for the free food that might come along with it.

#3. Drink and Be Merry, But Don’t Overdo It

Not only is it a social fixation to drink while in college – perhaps even making it easier for #2 to take place, but don’t overdo it. Being the drunkest person there isn’t fun. Then you end up peeing yourself on the kitchen floor. Not speaking from experience but I’ve seen it happen. To counteract your drinking, eat pizza and ice cream. Those things will help to absorb the alcohol you’re taking in. It may also make you gain weight, but hey – you’ve got time to…

#4. Really Focus on Your Body

In college, it’s common to see your peers with you at the gym at two in the morning. It’s a liberating thought for a fitness junkie like myself. Also for a night owl. Regardless, when you’re older and you have a family and a full-time job, it’s harder to find time to focus on your body. You’re young and you can be fit, but the habits have to start sooner than later for it to have effect when you’re older. Not that you can’t change your life later – but it makes for easier transition into adulthood.


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