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Malone University is a small liberal arts college affiliated with Quakerism and can be found in Canton, Ohio. This university focuses on preparing students that are well-rounded in all aspects of education so that they are prepared for a world that is changing ethically, socially, and technologically. To that end, the university features a broad liberal arts curriculum with a root in Christian studies and ethics. Most importantly, the university instills in its academics the ability to communicate so that students can not only apply their knowledge, but articulate and express it as well.

Malone University operates its online programs directly from the website and uses standardized virtual classroom technology to integrate. The courses and online programs are fully accredited and taught by Malone University teachers themselves, as opposed to receiving marginal attention from a teaching assistant. There are many distance learning options available. Undergraduates can take individual courses online to complete their degree online.

In addition there is an accelerated degree program that can lead to a credential in the fields of Organizational Management, Marketing Management, Project Management, Health Services Management, and Environmental Management. All of these courses generally incorporate managing skills with major-specific training and courses that prepare students for managerial positions in their field.

Graduates can also take courses online that can be applied towards a master’s or doctoral degree. Courses can also be arranged for independent study or individually to address only what the student needs. There are also workshops and certificate courses available for grad students that want to start off with the basics, enter the workforce, and enhance their credentials from there.

The most pursued major at Malone University is the popular Business Administration & Management, which means distance learners can expect an online Bachelor of Business Administration to appear soon on the distance learning option list. The second most popular major is Nursing. Malone also has strong pre-med and nursing programs as a part of their pre-professional curriculum. Other popular majors include, Educational Leadership, Teaching of the Hearing Impaired, and Curriculum and Instruction.

Undergraduate full-time students should expect to pay $19,740 per year for tuition while part-time students will pay $340 per credit hour. Graduate full-time students pay $7,830 per year while part-time graduate students pay $435 per credit hour. Financial aid has been made available for many students on campus, 95% to be precise, from Malone University itself. Federal aid accounts for 3 out of 10 students while state and local grants account for almost 9 out of 10 students.

Malone University is a strong, Christian environment designed with the student’s complete success in mind and with the Bible at the helm. Distance learners with Christian preference for their education will find plenty of support here. Distance learners are treated with the same priority as students on campus, for the university understands that time is often sparse, but education shouldn’t be.

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