Managing AP Classes

Once you get into high school, you will hear of classes that are given that are college style and have possible college credit. You of course want to launch at the possibility and start to write your name beside every class and sign up for every possible one. Although passion and determination are valued, you should be a little more cautious and contemplate it for a bit more. AP classes are very beneficial but they should be taken seriously.

The step to college is a big one and AP classes are great in preparation but they should be taken with great care.(photo credit SMBCollege)

There are many questions in mind when a student hears of an AP class. They wonder if they are ready and they will be able to succeed in such a class. A student will only be allowed in if they are believed to be capable and every students should attempt to challenge themselves. Many students also wonder if they will even be able to get credit, if you do what your teacher asks of you and extra, you should be able to. It is all about perseverance.

Many students try to make it a competition on how many AP classes they are taking and it creates a bad effect. There is not a set number on how many of them you should take. Yes college admissions and future employers find it impressive but they also find success impressive  Only take the amount and subjects that you think you are capable of and do the best you can in those.

The smartest choice is to pick classes that go along your major for several reasons:

  • You will pay attention more in the class because you have more of an interest. We tend to lose focus sometimes and can even find material tedious so if you pick a difficult class, it should be one that you know you care about and will work hard to keep up with. 
  • It is more of a reason to try to get the college credit. Any kind of college credit is amazing; however, it is not an easy task to accomplish and your work and focus should be on a goal that will help your career. There is nothing wrong with taking classes that do not go along with your course because you will need to take various subjects in college, it is just wise to make sure that you focus on classes that pertain to your major. For example someone majoring in engineering would be wise to take AP Chemistry or AP  Physics.
  • It will give you extra time and information to prepare for your major. The step from high school to college is a huge one and it will not be easy so if you have had a class that is similar to college and is similar to your major, you will be more comfortable with the information and setting.

Trying to pick one career right away is difficult but we all know what subjects and areas we feel most comfortable with and we should keep that in mind. Pick what you know and can grow in. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself but do not make yourself explode with stress.



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