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Manhattan College is a liberal arts college that follows Roman Catholic doctrine in the Lasallian tradition as is located in New York city, New York. The history of the college is rich with Christian values and the campus continues to uphold the ethics, teachings, and philosophy entailed. In addition to this, Manhattan College has offered some of the finest educational opportunities in New York. The Lasallian tradition places emphasis on excellence in teaching, the pursuit of social justice, and the recognition and respect of individual human dignity. At the core of these efforts is a liberal arts curriculum fortified with pre-professional programs.

The college was originally founded by the French LaSallian Brothers under the title of the Academy of the Holy Infancy. In 1863, the name of the school was changed to Manhattan College when it moved from the lower side of Manhattan to a more spacious arrangement in the Manhattanville section of Harlem. The college started off as being a male-only college but, after forming a cooperative program in tandem with the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the two colleges became coeducational by the 1970’s.

Since the college features a liberal arts curriculum with an assortment of pre-professional programs, matriculating from the classroom into a career has been made very easy. The most pursued major at Manhattan College is Civil Engineering with pathways, work-study programs, and collaborative programs leading directly into the industry. A similar synopsis can be said for the subsequent popular majors in Sales, Distribution, & Marketing, Communication Studies, Finance, and Mechanical Engineering.

Currently, Manhattan College doesn’t feature any online courses or distance learning programs. It is possible that the college will expand its pre-professional programs to a series of certificate programs and, from there, expand the range of online courses to eventually satiate a few degrees. This has been a common path for colleges like this. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise in the near future.

For undergraduate students enrolling full-time, tuition is $22,940 per year whereas part-time undergraduate students will pay $650 per credit hour. Graduate full-time tuition comes at the cost of $11,700 per year and part-time graduate tuition is identical in rates to the undergraduate part-time fees. Institutional grants have been awarded to 72% of attendees at the college from a variety of sources and primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships. Federal aid accounts for 1 in 6 students at the college whereas state and local grants account for approximately 1 in 3.

Manhattan College is a supportive, Roman Catholic college that supplies students the right education, the fullest education, and the Lasallian education that equips them for their careers and a lifetime of learning. Manhattan College is recognized as one of the top institutions in the state of New York for collective reasons such as these. For distance learners that want to attend courses online, opportunities will arise soon, as many students have sought education at this college and soon admissions will spread over the internet and around the world.

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