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Manhattanville College is a small liberal arts college seated in Purchase, New York. The prime directive of Manhattanville College is to educate the whole student. What this means essentially is that the community, comprised of scholars and instructors of all kinds, shapes the development of each student intellectually, ethically, and socially. It is the college’s belief, however, that the institution shouldn’t solely be responsible for the student’s educational experience. Thinking independently is a hallmark of the college’s environment and personal goals are a must. With that, each student gains their own diverse perspective on their field of study and the issues facing our world today.

Manhattanville College does feature distance learning opportunities, however little information is published online about the subject. What is certain is that there are online courses available and that these courses receive the same attention and accreditation as courses taken on-campus. This is fortunate given the fact that minimal publication usually insinuates marginal attention to programs like these. Rather, these online courses are fully attended to by Manhattanville instructors and are often used in tandem with on-campus study to complete degrees.

What is not known is whether or not the college features a full-fledged distance learning degree program. It is possible that there are certificate programs in place as is the usual online learning pattern. More information regarding this can always be obtained by contacting Manhattanville College staff directly.

The most ardently pursued major at the college is Business Administration & Management. This is to be expected of students studying with urban surroundings and the infamous business opportunities of metropolitan New York. Other focuses and concentrations that are widely pursued are among Special Education & Teaching, Elementary Education & Teaching, Physical Education & Teaching, and General Psychology.

For undergraduate full-time students, tuition comes out to $30,400 per year while part-time undergraduate students should expect to pay $700 per credit hour. Full-time graduate students will pay $13,680 per year and $760 per credit hour for part-time enrollment. Financial aid is widely awarded by the campus based on a variety of factors. 91% of students are receiving some form of financial aid primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships, but also in the form of need-based grants. Federal aid is consistently dispersed to 4 out of 10 students while state aid is dispersed to 3 out of 10 students each semester.

Manhattanville College isn’t just a college for learning. It is a college for education. The difference between the two terms is the difference between receiving a lecture regarding a certain topic and exploring it yourself, integrating it into your research, and combining it with advanced study. Many students from the surrounding urban area, the country, and even from international origins have obtained their degree at the college. It’s no surprise that the college is working towards expanding its curriculum to a full online selection for worldwide distance learners that want to attend, but previously couldn’t.

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