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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is 1 in 14 colleges that are integrated into the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and is located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. Mansfield University sports a rather large palette of fields to choose from spanning the width of Biology, to English, to Music, or even to Psychology. This accounts for over 70 separate programs of study at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The prime directive of Mansfield is to educate students in their respective majors, but also to develop leadership skills in every student that progresses onward to their various professions.

Mansfield sports a small variety of complete online programs designed to deliver a student from previous credentials up through baccalaureate or master’s levels. All online courses and programs are given the same accreditation as courses on-campus and are attended to by Mansfield instructors, as opposed to receiving marginal attention from a teaching assistant. Individual courses, certificates, and full degrees are available at Mansfield Online Learning.

Online of the online courses offered at Mansfield is the R.N. to B.S.N. program. This program is designed to deliver students that have met the requisites of general education to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Credits are transferred into a portfolio and built upon with pre-med courses and nursing programs that put the student from the classroom right into a nursing occupation.

One of the graduate programs available is the Master of Arts in Music/Music Education. This program is designed with the practicing music teacher in mind. Baccalaureate degree recipients can elevate their degree to the Master of Arts, or students can take online courses to supplement the program requisites to achieve the same goal. Music education in this program is varied and expansive giving the student complete and full knowledge of all musical disciplines as a teacher.

Also available is the Bachelor of Arts in Art History, the Master of Arts in Instrumental Conducting, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Education in School Library & Information Technologies, and several career-oriented certificate programs offered through ed2go.

Tuition is dependent on student residence. In-state undergraduates pay $5,358 per year full-time and $223 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state undergraduates pay $13,396 per year full-time and $558 per credit hour part-time. In-state graduates pay $6,430 per year full-time and $357 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state graduates pay $10,288 per year full-time and $572 per credit hour part time. Financial aid is available from a variety of sources and primarily comes from federal grants. State, local, and institutional grants cover the rear by supplying approximately 4 out of 10 students.

Mansfield University is an excellent choice for distance learners of practicing status or student status that want to further their degree online. When obtaining a degree from Mansfield, the resources help you every step of the way until you have obtained your degree and have moved on to your profession of choice.

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