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Maranatha Baptist Bible College is a private, Fundamentalist Baptist college located in Watertown, Wisconsin. The primary objective of Maranatha is to educate and prepare leaders of ministry for churches and communities locally, nationally, and internationally. There are over 40 different majors to choose from that span from non-traditional studies to the liberal arts and to Baptist theology. As a part of the commitment towards biblical education, all students attending Maranatha take a core set of courses on the Bible and Christian Studies. The college is regionally accredited and known statewide for its programs in Sport Management and Accounting.

There are three different types of online learning programs offered by Maranatha Baptist. These three are Degree Completion programs, a Bible Certificate program, and a State Teacher Certification program. All courses and workshops taken online are under the umbrella of accreditation that Maranatha has received and are taught by Maranatha instructors with the fullest attention.

For students that would like to earn a regionally accredited degree, there is the online Degree Completion program aimed at taking the time and expense out of earning their degree. The program compiles credits and can lead to a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. All coursework is performed online with the exception of two one-week-on-campus seminars. This program allows students to complete their degree in approximately two years, less even, depending on the student’s enrollment.

For distance learners that want to receive a credential in biblical studies, but who can’t leave their present obligations, there as an online program ending in a Bible Certificate. If the student takes one or two courses per semester, the certificate program can be completed in approximately 2 years.

For students pursuing Education majors who need certification from the state to begin their careers, a Wisconsin State Teaching License can be obtained online through Maranatha. By completing the requisite courses for teacher certification requirements, the Maranatha Teacher Education Department can certify the state teacher license. State licenses from Wisconsin are accepted in most other states.

For online courses, there are tuition fees separate from standard on-campus tuition fees. Courses can be purchased for just $100. In other circumstances, part-time students will pay $309 per credit hour; full-time students as well. Financial aid is primarily awarded through federal sources accounting for approximately 4 out of 10 students. State and local grants supply approximately 1 out of 10 students. Aid is awarded through the institution to 3 out of 10 students approximately leaving 76% of all students attending receiving some form of financial aid.

Maranatha has many different resources of Christian distance learners that either want to attend a Bible college, to receive biblical certification from home, to complete their degree online, or to become a teacher without the expense and hassle of regular college. The programs are designed specifically with the student in mind both in efficiency and efficacy. For reasons like this, students around the world attend Maranatha Baptist Bible College.

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