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Marian University is a private, Roman Catholic university located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The university directs itself toward the liberal arts surrounded by the traditions of Franciscan education and the subsequent ethics that it entails. Some of the factors of a Franciscan education are individual dignity, peaceful orientation, social justice, the art of reconciliation, and responsible stewardship of oneself and one’s practice. Education is individualized at the university as a part of the Franciscan tradition of assessing and instructing each student individually. There are strong programs in Business, Teacher Education, the Liberal Arts, Mathematics & Sciences, and Nursing.

Initially, the university started as a normal school founded by the Sisters of Saint Francis before a state-supported normal school was established. Saint Francis Normal School formed a merger with Immaculate Conception Junior College forming the resultant Marian College in 1936. By 19478, the college became coeducational and expanded its horizons to accommodate the increasing attention of students in the region. The teacher education programs were accredited in 1976 by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. In 1987, a baccalaureate program in nursing was fully established and accredited by the National League of Nursing. Eventually the college became a university and is currently appending a program for Osteopathic Medicine.

The most popular concentration at Marian College is the field of Business Administration & Management. Instruction in that respect is excellent due to the university’s individual and separate attention to a business program, among others. Also strong in academics is the major of Nursing, having its own separate devoted institution. Other popular majors include General Marketing, Marketing Management, Elementary Education & Teaching, Human Resources Management, and General Personnel Administration.

Marian doesn’t just host a variety of educational opportunities for prospective students. The college also provides Catholic resources in the style of Franciscan doctrine. In this paradigm, students and faculty network together to share their faith through one another on the path towards reaching God. Currently Marion College doesn’t feature any online programs or distance learning programs, but is apt to develop them soon. Distance learners can expect courses and degrees to become available in the near future.

Undergraduate full-time students should expect to pay $22,400 per year for tuition while part-time students should expect to pay $940 per credit hour. Graduate full-time students should expect to pay $13,770 per year while graduate part-time students should expect to pay 300$ per credit hour. Due to a network of institutions, neighboring schools, and Catholic resources, the college has made a variety of financial resources available. 98% of students attending Marian College are receiving institutional aid through Marion itself. 1 out of 3 students at Marion are receiving financial aid while 4 out of 10 students are receiving state and local grants.

Marian College is an excellent resource for Catholic students that want to attend a resourceful, Franciscan college. The academics and faith-sharing models are to be looked after by many Catholic colleges to follow in Marian’s footsteps. It won’t be long before distance learners have the opportunity to attend Marian College online as well.

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