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Marietta College is a small college located in Marietta Ohio. Marietta focuses on the contemporary liberal arts by providing a broad curriculum subject to the continual updates the modern society tends towards. This inspires students to think critically and form an educational path that leads instead of following. To power this, there are programs that don’t just cover topical information, but rather go in depth to give the student a complete and immersive education. By this means, the college has created a stream of confident, forward-minded leaders that orient themselves towards issues of today and how to better solve them.

The general curriculum under which every student falls gives every student a well rounded view of their subject matter. Students are given a background in science while also studying historical perspectives. Then other important studies like that of global issues and courses in leadership are introduced. Even fine arts poses as a requisite with mathematics to juxtapose.

There are online courses offered at Marietta College for students who want to take some of the time and cost out of earning their degree. Online courses at Marietta are typically meant for students studying on campus, but off-campus arrangements can easily be made. All courses are properly accredited under the college and all courses are taught by Marietta staff. There is no published information regarding degree programs that are offered entirely online. Nevertheless, more information can be obtained by contacting Marietta staff directly.

The two most popular areas of study at the college are General Psychology and Business Administration & Management. This is a testament to the college’s efforts to create a diverse curriculum because here we have a practical pre-professional route contrasting an education in science. Some other popular fields of study include, but are not limited to Physician Assistant, Public Relations, Advertising, & Applied Communication, and Petroleum Engineering. Marietta College is also known for its programs in Petroleum Engineering as having a separate distinguished program designed for this purpose.

For undergraduate full-time students, tuition will cost $25,430 per year and, for part-time students, tuition will cost $845 per credit hour. For graduate full-time students, expect to pay $14,863 per year while part-time students should pay $475 per credit hour. Separate rates for online courses are not published on any public materials. 91% of attendees on campus are receiving institutional grants and in generous amounts. Federal aid is responsible for approximately 3 out of 10 students while state and local sources supply approximately 6 out of 10 students.

Marietta College is a college that makes the fullest use of its resources to stay on top of changing trends, to give students an in-depth experience, and to provide students with the resources they need to get ahead. For distance learners, while there may not be fully established degree programs available yet at Marietta, most certainly, degree programs will eventually evolve as more and more online courses become available.

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