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Marlboro College is a small alternative liberal arts college located in Marlboro, Vermont. The alternative approach to education at the college is student-centered. For starters, the students aren’t fed through a series of generic course requirements, but are rather paired with their own academic advisor to select an educational pathway best suited to their interests. The concentration is then reviewed by an expert in the student’s chosen field for efficacy and fullness. The campus is governed by students in addition to faculty and staff giving the college the unique air of individualism combined with collective communication.

In 1946, Walter Hendricks founded a college on Potash Hill for the returning soldiers of World War II to receive higher education. The initial funding resulted from the surplus of veterans enrolled at the school allowing access to grants from the GI Bill. The college is and has always been small and concentrated. Only an average of about 300 students each year would enroll on campus leaving it to develop in areas beneath the common subjection of large colleges. For more than 50 years, the college has hosted the nationally known Marlboro Music Festival.

The most popular field of study at the college is English Language & Literature. Many students in this major enjoy the alternative atmosphere of the college in regards to its open selection of readings and teaching perspectives. Following in popularity is General Psychology which has been largely constructed of the educational pathways previously described. Students can get a more rounded look at psychology in that respect. Some other popular fields of study are Political Science & Government, Environmental Studies, and Sociology.

There are a select few degrees that are offered at the campus with a few majors that can be awarded through a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science, like International Studies. Currently, Marlboro doesn’t feature online courses nor distance learning programs. Since the college takes an alternative approach to education, there are many leadership initiatives involved in its philosophy. It can be reasoned that the college will spread its academic approach for the entire world to partake in using a simple online platform.

Since the college is primarily a four-year institution, graduate fees are only applicable in the part-time arrangement. Undergraduate full-time students should expect to pay $31,140 per year, and part-time undergraduates should expect to pay $1,038 per credit hour. Graduate part-time students will pay $862 per credit hour. Institutional grants are awarded to approximately 3 out of 4 students on campus while federal, state, and local grants supply approximately 1 in 6.

Marlboro College is not for the general student. For students that want a hand-selected course of education when pursuing their degree, Marlboro is the college of choice and a great alternative to the standard in college. For distance learners that want to attend, opportunities will soon arise, just as they have with many alternative colleges.

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