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Marquette University is a Roman Catholic, Jesuit university seated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The university’s prime directive is to serve God by contributing to the advancement of knowledge and furthering the education of each student through the Jesuit tradition. Pursuit of excellence in all things is a life endeavor for many of the Jesuit faith. That is why the programs at Marquette are rigorous and aimed at preparing their students for a lifelong journey. Beyond that is a consistent commitment to research and a liberal arts curriculum that combines studious perspectives with Catholic ethics.

Marquette University offers a distance learning program through the Center for Teaching and Learning. There is a selection of courses available to students that can be enrolled in just as a student would on campus. There are separate programs in the College of Education, the College of Professional Studies, and the College of Nursing that are all designed to deliver a student to their degree using web-based interaction.

The online courses offered at the College of Education are designed around constructivist learning theory. The environment is both collaborative and necessarily interactive to achieve this. Credits are assembled in a standard format and can be applied towards any degree that the student so desires. Courses can be accessed at any time, there is no paced schedule, but rather, there is a set of due dates and timelines that the students pace themselves to meet in their own fashion.

There is no mention of degrees that can be achieved 100% online. Most likely, the college is offering courses online with a good selection, but hasn’t quite met the full criteria for any given degree. What is to be expected, however, is that enough courses will become available in the near future to satisfy the requirements for a degree. At that point in time, online degrees will become available and distance learners can expect to take advantage of this in the near future.

For undergraduate full-time students, tuition fees are $27,720 per year and part-time undergraduate students will pay $810 per credit hour. Graduate full-timers will pay $15,120 per year and part-time graduate students will pay $840 per credit hour. Being that the college is Roman Catholic with integrated Jesuit involvement, the college has access to networked resources both religiously and financially. 4 out of 5 students are receiving financial aid directly through the university itself and primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships. Federal, state, and local grants supply approximately 15% of students each year with tuition aid.

For the Catholic student that wants to delve deep into their education with Jesuit direction alongside, Marquette University is a prime choice. The resources and help that the university offers are omnipresent giving the Catholic students the tools to study, expand, and succeed thereafter. For distance learners that want to partake in online courses, it won’t be long after your enrollment that distance learning degrees will appear in the catalog as well.

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