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Mary Baldwin College is an independent, baccalaureate women’s college based in the liberal arts and located in Staunton, Virginia. There are many features unique to Mary Baldwin, such as the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership which is the only corps of cadets in the world that is all-female. There is also a women’s only Program for the Exceptionally Gifted which fosters an intelligent environment for women as young as the ninth grade. They also boast the only fully endowed undergraduate Health Care Administration program in the United States.

The college was originally founded in 1842 under the title of the Augusta Female Seminary making it one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States established exclusively for women. In 1845, a charter was granted by the Virginia General Assembly and the seminary opened its doors shortly after. The seminary fought through many hardships and even stayed open during the Civil War despite a statewide lockdown of schools caused by continual battles between Union and Confederate armies. This wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Mary Baldwin during that time and afterwards when the seminary prospered. In her honor, the college eventually became Mary Baldwin College.

There is a wide selection of online courses available for students who enroll as on-campus students. Courses can be taken from home without setting foot on campus. All online courses achieve the same accreditation and receive the same attention as courses taught on-campus. There is no mention of online degree programs, which probably means that there are no degree programs yet available 100% online. An array of online courses is almost always the precursor to eventual online degree programs, however. Distance learning opportunities should arise soon.

The most popular field of study at Mary Baldwin College is Elementary Education & Teaching. Following at a close second is General Psychology. The strongest courses at Mary Baldwin are noticeably linked to social services like education and psychological examination. This probably why Sociology, General History, and Drama/Theatre are among popular studies also as they exhibit emphasis on humanities and human interaction.

Undergraduate students should expect to pay $26,795 per year full-time and part-time students should expect to pay $400 per credit hour. Graduate students should expect to pay $7,416 per year full-time and $412 per credit hour part-time. Every student enrolled at Mary Baldwin is receiving some form of financial aid. Mostly, this is the result of institutional aid offered through the college itself. Federal grants supply approximately 3 out of 10 students while state and local grants supply approximately just over half the student populace.

Mary Baldwin College offers women the chance to flourish in a single-sex atmosphere with a broad array of studies and programs to choose from. Women hard at work or who can’t leave their present environment have access to the online resources the Mary Baldwin offers. With certainty, degree programs online can be expected in the near future.

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