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Marygrove College is a mid-sized Catholic liberal arts college located in Detroit, Michigan. Marygrove College prides itself in the diversity it harbors in its student body. This diversity spans the fields of age, race, financial background, social background, origin, and, of course, collegiate major. The simple philosophy behind a Marygrove education is that, in order to achieve new heights, a solid foundation must be built. To that end, the curriculum is based partially in Leadership Development with the meat of the education falling into the liberal arts and a capstone of career-oriented courses and/or programs.

The entire college, as students know it today, grew from the tutorial of a female graduate student from Saint Mary’s Academy in Monroe. This education program branched out and became a junior college for women by 1905. In 1927, the institution separated and moved to Detroit followed by a name change to Marygrove College. In the decades following World War I, the college developed a direction of female independence, but eventually succumbed to coeducation by 1970.

There are some online courses that can be taken at Marygrove College. These courses are primarily directed at students on campus that want to take online options on the side. Open enrollment for these classes is also an option. Some distance learning formats are available for on-campus programs in Teacher Certification, and Early Childhood Education.

These programs fall under the title of Distance Learning Professional Development for Teachers. These courses are arranged by lessons onto DVDs that can be shipped and watched by students seeking to learn at home. Coursework is then submitted for review and the credits are administered accordingly. Little information is published regarding online or distance learning formats and more information can always be obtained by contacting Marygrove staff directly.

The college is almost entirely directed at Education in general. Many pursue teaching majors that will land them in a variety of classrooms teaching a variety of subjects. Each permutation of a teaching major is accounted for with individualized instruction and certification that will lead to the respective credential. Other concentrations that are pursued at the college are Social work, Educational Administration & Supervision, and Social Sciences.

For undergraduate students studying full-time, tuition is $15,240 per year and $538 per credit hour part-time. For graduate students, tuition is $6,960 per year full-time and $580 per credit hour part-time. Institutional grants are dispersed to 96% of students at Marygrove and in good amount. Federal aid supplies approximately 3 out of 4 students while state/local aid supplies approximately 2 out of 3.

Marygrove College is a college that continues to grow with each semester. What is now an array of online courses will eventually turn into a selection of degrees that can be earned online. For distance learners that want an opportunity to study at Margrove college, opportunities will continue to appear as the college leads on into the future with excellent academics.

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