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Maryland Institute College of Art is a college of design and art located in Baltimore, Maryland. MICA is a leading college in educating aspiring artists and designers with an eclectic curriculum aimed at giving each student a full background in addition to their field of study. With that in mind, the college also seeks to educate individuals that will redefine the boundaries of the arts and influence their fields with passion. Among the 220 graduate programs for the visual arts listed in U.S. News & World Report, the graduate program at MICA is in the top 4.

In 1826, the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts was established. Initially classes were held in a building title the Athenaeum, but the building was destroyed in a riot in 1835 by fire. The institute held strongly by shifting its teachings to the Post Office quarters but then resumed its own location in 1851 in a building constructed above the Center Market on Baltimore Street. Eventually, programs in Chemistry and Architecture were established, but again burned down by the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. In 1959, the Maryland Institute College of Art emerged and continued onward with a new direction in the arts.

Distance Learning is available for students that live outside the city limits of Baltimore. This online program focuses on tutoring in writing. Using this system, the college gives students a background in writing to supplement their artistic endeavors. In light of distance learning, there is no mention of degrees that can be earned 100% online. With that being said, online courses are almost always the precursor to developing distance learning degrees and distance learners can expect an expanded range of opportunities in the future.

The chief subject taught at Maryland Institute College of Art is Painting. Many painters come to study under the expertise of instructors that are mostly practicing artists themselves. Following this popularity is the field of Graphic Design. Graphic Design includes any and all media that composed graphics for a variety of purposes, primarily computers for the purposes of advertisement and promotion. Other popular fields of study are Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, Multimedia Studies, and Illustration.

Tuition for undergraduates and graduates follow identical rates. For full-time students, tuition is $31,640 per year. For part-time students, tuition is $1,318 per credit hour. There are many art scholarships available, but grants are also awarded on a need-basis. Federal and state sources supply approximately 1 out of 6 students. A total of 97% of students are receiving financial aid in some form.

Maryland Institute College of Art is a college that has pushed to new heights by maintaining prestigious programs for art students from all over the country. If you are a distance learner that would like to advance their proficiency in the arts, opportunities are on their way and will eventually be open to students worldwide.

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