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Marylhurst University is a Catholic liberal arts university seated in Marylhurst, Oregon. A hallmark of a Marylhurst education is that each student receives individualized attention in small, seminar-style classes. Adding to this is the flexibility of Marylhurst’s academic and professional programs. All of this is encased in a closely knit environment of teachers, instructors, scholars, and students alike that work together to advance their knowledge and reach their goals. This is how a student is meant to achieve higher education, as is the belief of Marylhurst University, and there are plenty of resources to help students every step of the way.

The university offers a variety of education programs for students not only on campus, but across the country for working adults that need an online alternative. All courses and programs are attended to with the same fervor as on-campus studies. Distance learners can expect the same level of quality and certification when achieving their degree or credits online.

One such online program is the Prior Learning Assessment Program. Through this innovative program a variety of external involvements can be counted as credit towards an undergraduate degree. The student simply attends a requisite of three PLA courses where the education plan is solidified and, from there, the student learns how to turn prior learning into college credits. Credit requests are made after this, and then prior learning is documented and described for being counted as credit in the student’s individual portfolio.

There are also Bachelor’s programs presented in an accelerated online format that can land a student a Bachelor of Science in Business Management or a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Studies. Here the requisite courses are assembled for solidification as a credential, but not without student consultation that optimizes the curriculum for the student’s needs.

Also offered online are programs for a general Master of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business. Each of these programs are presented again in an accelerated online format. The student is versed in the basics of leadership and management alongside business law, finance, and information systems. The MBA in Sustainable Business includes environmental concerns and courses in energy management as well.

Tuition for undergraduate full-time students is $15,120 per year and $336 per credit hour of part-time undergraduate students. Tuition for graduate full-time students is $11,313 per year and $419 per credit hour for part-time students. Financial aid is awarded to students primarily from federal aid sources, accounting for 3 out of 4 students. State and local grants supply about half of the student populace and the same can be said for grants from Marylhurst University itself.

Marylhurst University is an excellent place of learning for the Catholic student that wants to further his/her education with flexibility. For distance learners that would like to attend, but that can’t make the trip over, Marylhurst University has paid special attention and continues to advance its online programs in fuller and fuller array.

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