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Marymount Manhattan College (MMC for the sake of your tongue) is a four year degree granting institution operating out of two buildings in Manhattan. It was originally established in 1936 as a an all-girls two year school operating as an extension of Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY, but by 1961 it was chartered as its own entity and has been growing since.

MMC’s mission of “educating a diverse student body” (it prides itself on it, as evidenced in its “Inclusivity Statement”) has led to many advancements and changes over the years, all to “foster intellectual growth” in as many as possible, as well as offering “opportunities for career development” to a city known for being the largest “melting pot” in the country. Current enrollment includes 2000 undergrad men AND women from 48 states and 36 countries looking for a solid arts and science based education on a thriving urban campus.

Though there is a bit of a focus on the performing arts (they have an off-Broadway performing space, The Theresa Lang Theater, across the park from Broadway), they offer a total of 18 majors, with another 38 accompanying minors to choose from. Students seeking Bachelor’s degrees in several divisions, from Accounting to the Fine and Performing Arts are given small class sizes with a 12:1 student teacher ratio, yet have all the advantage inherent in a centralized big city campus.

A broad liberal arts core guides all studies, with fundamental skills courses and a series of disciplinary and advanced disciplinary studies that “[emphasize] not only what subjects you study, but how you go about learning”. Learning goals are established and utilized in creating a general education curriculum meant as the foundation to whatever major of study is pursued.

Marymount does value its “individualized attention” to students, but it has begun to offer more courses both completely online and in hybrid format. Online software allows for internet “discussion groups” to meet, fleshing out class material for hybrids and students are given “experience writing and presenting their thoughts in a digital forum” to peers and faculty. Marymount’s focus on student attention has yielded a budding online medium at the school that gives an opportunity to avoid missing out on class-style learning, even when they’re stuck at home or working. They also provide OneWire access through their site, a career management tool that allows student to become connected with the jobs and employers they’re training to work for.

From its founding, Marymount Manhattan has dedicated itself to reaching out to its diverse surroundings and offering opportunities for higher education on as mass a level as possible. They also allow access to as many diverse cultures as possible, with a variety of study abroad programs in 50 countries, keeping with its mission of diversity and offering college credit while teaching “the commonality of concerns” in a global context. MMC continues its tradition of growth and advancement, knowing its surroundings and taking advantage of all NYC opportunities to offer an educational environment where “difference is embraced, valued, and celebrated”.

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