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Marymount University is a baccalaureate Catholic university seated in Arlington, Virginia. The university prides itself on its diverse atmosphere comprised of students from all over the country and 70 foreign countries worldwide. Adding to this is a supportive atmosphere geared at helping students every step of the way from their first course to their degree – and into their careers. The dynamic programs and curriculum that Marymount offers is no doubt the mark of intellectualism, but apart from this, the university has maintained a commitment towards Catholic traditions and Catholic ethics. By combining ethic with study, the university builds a well-rounded perspective on the student’s studies.

Marymount traces its roots back to 1950 when the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary founded Marymount College, which functioned as a women’s junior college. By 1973, the college became coeducational and had grown academically to become a four-year college and later added master’s degree programs by 1979. By 2004, a doctorate program was added earning Marymount College its university status. Today, the expansion continues and the university will continue to append more opportunities for Catholic students everywhere.

The most popular area of study at the university is the field of Business Administration & Management, as the university has a separate emphatic pre-professional institute set up under the umbrella of the university’s academics. Also popular with equal emphasis and academic support is the field of Nursing coming in second place in terms of enrollment. Some other popular majors include, but are not limited to Forensic Psychology, Interior Design, Human Resources Management, and Personnel Administration.

What is also made available and important are services of the Catholic faith. Communion, mass, and other central practices of the Catholic faith are held in abundance and are made available for all who attend. This is a tribute to the university’s commitment towards helping each individual student every step of the way. In the Catholic life, faith is important and students are all treated as sisters and brethren.

For undergraduate students, full-time tuition comes at a cost of $21,300 per year and part-time tuition costs $690 per credit hour. For graduate students, tuition comes at a cost of $12,420 per year full-time and $690 per credit hour part-time. The university strives to curtail the cost of education as a part of their general philanthropy and Catholic ethics. 9 out of 10 students are receiving aid directly through Marymount itself. Federal aid supplies approximately 1 out of 4 students with aid whereas state/local grants put tuition money into the pockets of 2 out of 5 students.

Currently the university doesn’t feature any online courses nor distance learning programs. With Marymount University’s resources, online courses are bound to appear as a part of the on-campus curriculum. Many Catholic universities such as Marymount have offered excellent distance learning programs and, from imminent online courses, distance learners should expect programs to appear in the near future. With that in mind, Marymount University is a sound choice in education for virtually all reasons concerning academics and the environment entailed.

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