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Maryville College is a baccalaureate liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and located in Maryville, Tennessee. The primary goal of Maryville College is to prepare students in a way that inspires them to act with responsible self stewardship and academically reinforced intelligence. With these two traits, Maryville College believes, students will use their talents to service others and better their society. This can only be achieved by breaking one’s original boundaries and growing beyond simply what is instituted and widely believed. For this reason, the college features a wide palette of liberal arts majors and the tools to help students succeed in college and beyond.

The college roots back to 1819 when Isaac L. Anderson founded the Southern and Western Theological Seminary. The seminary was devised to train young ministers for service in the clergy or subsequent pastorates of Presbyterian faith. The seminary has been racially integrated since its earliest days. They had made education available for many African-americans and gained assistance from the Freedman’s Bureau for this reason. Even when the seminary was forced to segregate, the board of trustees donated a tenth of their endowment to the neighboring African American college for support.

Many students have found their forte in the field of Business, as it is the most pursued major at the Maryville. Some have gone on to achieve their Bachelor of Business Administration but many have chosen the Bachelor of Science form of otherwise the same credential. Also popular is the field of Psychology which crowns the attention that other sciences are getting as well. Biology and subsequent Biological Sciences are getting a lot of attention and even Political Science has enjoyed the same focus. Judging from this, Maryville College is very resourceful in the sciences and not just the liberal arts.

Presently, Maryville College doesn’t offer any online courses or distance learning programs. With its collegiate resources combined with its backing in Presbyterian circles, there is plenty of room for the college to expand to online offerings in the future. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

Tuition for undergraduate students comes out to $26,272 per year full-time and, for part-time students, tuition is $1,095 per credit hour. Since there are no graduate offerings, undergraduate rates apply only. Maryville lends financial aid to every student that walks through the door to some degree; 100% of students are receiving institutional grants through Maryville. Approximately 3 in 10 students receive tuition grants from federal aid sources and state/local grants are received by approximately 1 out of 6 students.

What was once an open, progressive-minded seminary is now a fully accredited college of over 1,100 students. Maryville gives Christian students a chance at a rewarding career and course of study in the liberal arts with all of the proper resources to help and more. Distance learners who want to attend Maryville College won’t have to wait long, as the college is ever expanding and will eventually reach across the internet to students everywhere.

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