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Marywood University is a Catholic university of the liberal arts located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Marywood is rooted in the belief that education empowers people and that education is the key towards social justice.  As a part of Marywood’s ethics, all who seek an education are welcomed regardless of their background and, in turn, those students who are helped use their empowerment to help others. This forward minded approach is achieved at Marywood by immersing students in ethical and spiritual values that accompany their studies in the liberal arts giving them a perspective that will arm them against the issues humanity faces every day.

Marywood University makes online courses available for working professionals, particularly those employed in the human resources department, as well as students that need an online gateway into the workforce. All courses are administered through ed2go and are equipped with the same accreditation and attention as courses taught on campus. There are no full degree programs quite yet, but, as more courses become available, eventually degree requisites will be filled online.

There are courses offered at Marywood University that span the subjects of Finance, Design, Law, Teaching, Technology, and many other subjects not listed here. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Accounting Fundamentals, Project Management, Start Your Own Business, Health Care Certificate, Digital Photography, and Creative Writing. These courses can possibly be applied towards an existing degree either as prerequisite courses or supplementary credits.

The most popularly pursued fields online at Marywood are Medical Coding, Creating Web Pages, Spanish in the Classroom, A to Z Grantwriting, and Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007. All of these have immediate relevance in the workplace; grant writing is applied to institutions that want to link with potential funding sources, and web page development is a given in today’s businesses with an increasing amount of commerce taking place online each year.

For full-time tuition, students should expect to pay $24,300 per year and, for part-time tuition, students will pay $550 per credit hour. These are undergraduate rates. All online courses at Marywood University are comparatively very cheap with the average price range of each course falling at $125 apiece. Institutional grants make it into the hands of 99% of attendees at Marywood University making the university an excellent resource for financial aid. Federal aid has consistently supplied 1 out of 4 Marywood students with grants for tuition while state and local sources  have supplied 1 out of 3.

For the Catholic student that needs an education both of mind and spirit, this is the university that will deliver and expand upon these needs. For the distance learner that wants the same opportunity, there are online courses available giving the university its own express lane to the credentials you need. As for full distance learning degrees, the increasing attention and emphasis that Marywood University places on online curriculum may offer you credentials 100% online in the near future.

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