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The Massachusetts College of Art and Design is one of the oldest state-supported art college in the country and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The central belief of the College is that an education in creative process will help students develop their mind, body, and spirit. Students from MassArt go on to influence their respective art fields with fresh new ideas and the skills to express them. MassArt is a national leader of education in visual art and design. Following this distinction is a curriculum that exposes students to a diverse array of art techniques, cultures, and supplementary studies.

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design does feature some online courses, but not a great array. These courses were originally intended for students on campus that want to complete some of their courses online. There will be expansion in the future, as online programs have proven to be very lucrative, even for more hands-on studies like art. Distance learners can expect degrees to arise in the future that can be earned 100% online.

There are three courses offered online: Introduction to Eastern Arts, 20th Century Russian Art, and Introduction to Folklore. These are undergraduate courses that fall under the requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and can be used for that degree. Each course is $908 excluding external fees, such as for equipment or registration

Many students pursue the broad route of the arts education in order to become art teachers. This program can lead to the Master of Fine Arts or a Master in the Art of Teaching in Fine Arts. Almost equally pursued by MassArt students is the field of Graphic Design. MassArt doesn’t simply feature classical arts using traditional tools, there are extensive programs that span the latest technology in graphics and graphic media. Other popular areas of study are Fashion/Apparel Design, Illustration, and Photography.

Since the college is publicly funded, tuition varies by residence. For in-state undergraduate students, tuition is $7,900/year full-time and $240/credit hour part-time. For out-of-state undergraduate students, tuition is $23,000/year full-time and $240/credit hour part-time. For in-state graduate students, tuition is $17,100/year full-time and $570/credit hour part-time. Out-of-state graduate students follow the same rates. Financial aid primarily comes in the form of the tax-supported tuition rates but is also awarded by MassArt to 1 out of 4 students via institutional grants. 1 out of 4 students are receiving a combination of federal, state, and local grants.

As a national leader in art education, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design offers the most prestigious education to students of all backgrounds. Faculty and teaching staff hold mostly terminal degrees in their areas and are typically practicing artists themselves. With that aside, the college teaches and focuses on art giving art students the advantage of exclusive attention to their prospective fields. For distance learners that would like to attend MassArt, online courses are already in place and soon degrees will be earned at a distance.

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