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The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts is a state-supported liberal arts college that is located in North Adams, Massachusetts. The college focuses on developing the critical thinking skills and the abilities to communicate thought. These are two crucial elements of a collegiate education and are at the center of the college’s core philosophy. Faculty and staff treat students on a first-name basis giving the college the atmosphere of a small college while offering resources that rival a large university. Through these methods, MCLA hopes to transform students into leaders that move on to influence their fields and better their communities.

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts hosts a distance learning program under their Continuing Education that is contracted with Ed2Go. Individual courses are offered with the backing of MCLA staff and course development. There are courses that span the subject matters of Finance to Language to Business all available online.

Some course titles include Marketing Your Business on the Internet, Computer Skills for the Workplace, Speed Spanish, Introduction to Journaling, and more courses not listed here. Each course can be taken individually for asynchronous study or independent study. The courses can be applied towards a degree already in progress or can be used to supplement a degree that has already been earned.

Many of the courses are geared towards skills in the workplace and can be readily applied in the scheme of professional learning. Courses like Introduction to Microsoft Excel, and Computer Skills for the Workplace allow professionals to get a handle on today’s standard technology and allow them to make use of these tools. In a likewise fashion, small business owners or working adults can use courses like these to become technologically literate and enjoy the same advantages.

Many students at the college take courses that span the generic major of Liberal Arts, although this category also accounts for interdisciplinary studies and can be divided between these two variations. Among other popular subjects are English Language & Literature, Business Administration & Management, Sociology, and General History.

Since the college is publicly funded, tuition varies by residency. For in-state undergraduate students, tuition is $1,030/year full-time and $43/credit hour part-time. For out-of-state undergraduate students, tuition is $9,975/year full-time and $416/credit hour part-time. Graduate students pay $3,600 per year and $240 per credit hour regardless of residency. Just under half of the student body at MCLA is receiving tuition aid from the college itself. Federal, state, and local aid is responsible for putting aid into the pockets of approximately 3 out of 10 students.

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts is an excellent educational resource for students on and off campus. The education provided by the college is excellent and comes at an extremely low price giving this college some of the best value per dollar in the United States. For distance learners participating online, distance learning degrees should appear soon as online courses often lead to.

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