Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Distance Learning

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a private, university-style college located in Boston, Massachusetts. The college stands as the oldest higher education institution in the city of Boston. Being the oldest, the college has had time to expand its resources, maintain quality education, and offer a diverse range of degrees in medicine. The primary goal of the college is to train students for specific medical professions with success in mind and academic completeness in tow. MCPHS is a top college in Massachusetts and, moreover, the Northeastern States with over 3,000 students and qualified staff to match.

MCPHS offers an online learning program in Dental Hygiene that leads to its respective baccalaureate degree. All classes that are taken online are accredited and lead to a degree of the same certification as degrees earned on campus. The completion of all credits in this program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. This degree may be used on its own as an entryway into the dental profession or can be applied as a milestone for a master’s or doctorate degree later on.

The program is accelerated and is taken 100% online. The program includes core classes of dental hygiene theory and practice, the requisite course in general education required for a baccalaureate degree, and crucial experience needed for Dentistry. Future credentials will become available soon, such as the newly hatched Master of Applied Natural Products program that will be enrolling soon.

As MCPHS’s most popular program, Dental Hygiene receives a concentration of attention from the college’s staff and is resultantly a very strong program. Following closely in enrollment is Nursing, which can be taken from the Registered Nurse qualification right up through a Master of Science in Nursing. Other popular fields are Physician Assistant, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Radiologic Technology/Science.

For undergraduate full-time students, tuition comes at the cost of $22,900 per year and part-time undergraduates pay $840 per credit hour. Graduates pay $27,000 per year full-time and the same rates per credit. As a culmination of smaller institutions, the resources at MCPHS are networked and plentiful. Just over half of the student body at MCPHS is receiving financial aid through the college itself. External federal sources like FAFSA contribute to the aid of 3 out of 10 students. State and local grants consistently reach 2 out of 10 students each year.

For students that want to achieve a credential in Pharmaceutical Sciences and various Health related professions, the college aims its specific attention at these fields. Students enrolling at MCPHS are given all of the adequate tools to succeed and the precise attention needed to pursue these fields. For distance learners that want to earn their credentials online for a particular health science, distance degrees are appearing fast in addition to the existing B.S. in Dental Hygiene program. It won’t be long before the full curriculum can be accessed online by students just like you.

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