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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a research institution seated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As famously known across the country, MIT educates students in matters of science, technology, and everything between. The institute is dedicated towards disseminating, preserving, and generating knowledge to teach students to face the global challenges of tomorrow. A hallmark of an MIT education is that many of its programs are taught using research. This is what allows students to learn in depth about their fields and eventually move onward to expand these fields. Through this means, the institute both disseminates and creates knowledge.

MIT offers an array of online courses that can range from $0-$1000 per credit hour. All of the courses offered online at MIT are fully-accredited and backed by the same prestigious quality that has gained MIT its national status. Some classes can be completed 100% online while others are hybridized with on-campus attendance. Some arrangements can be made for students to exempt these on-campus requirements.

A great resource offered by MIT is the MIT OpenCourseWare directory. Here, courses can be found at zero cost to the participant and span a wide array of subjects with courses filling out each subject, in most cases, completely. Section titles of MIT OpenCourseWare span Architecture & Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences & Technology, Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, Management, Science, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

For example, in the field of Chemical Engineering, a subset of the Engineering section, course titles include Separation Processes for Biochemical Products, Polymer Science Laboratory, Integrated Chemical Engineering, Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Engineering, and dozens of other courses not listed here. Other specific fields covered by MIT OpenCourseWare include, but are not limited to Aeronautics, Nuclear Science, Anthropology, Political Science, Health Sciences & Technology, Biology, and Economics.

Aside from education in the sciences, MIT also has strong programs for Business majors as well spanning Commerce, Management, Finance, and many more subsidiary fields. MIT is better known for its emphasis in Computer Sciences for reasons like the expansive programs offered and 21st century society’s increasing demand for information technology. Other popular majors include Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Aeronautics.

Tuition rates for undergraduate, graduate, in-state, and out-of-state students are identical. Full-time students should expect to pay $36,140 per year and part-time students will pay $565 per credit hour. As a leading institution in technology and technological research, many scholarships and need-based grants are available and are received by just over half of the student body. Federal aid supplies approximately 2 out of 9 students on campus with some federal aid being received on a consistent basis.

MIT is renowned across the United States as a top institute and its academics mirror this distinction. For students that want to obtain a degree virtually anywhere in the sciences, MIT is key. For distance learners that want to participate in MIT’s prestigious academic programs, MIT OpenCourseWare is available to you free and for all that want to learn about science.

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  1. Deepali says:

    Hello, I have finished my degree in Production Engineer (Batch 2007). Now I am working in John Deere Technology Center In India. I am interested to do distance learning. Could you please tell me how I can proceed if it is from the US. Thank you, Deepali

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