Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Distance Learning

The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology is a graduate institution of higher education seated in Boston, Massachusetts. The school is focused on providing its students with an educational experience that is unique. This entails an integrated academic program with clinical practice under the supervision of professional instructors right from the very first year of enrollment. The curriculum at MSPP verses students in their respective fields of psychology while it also offers the skills necessary to propel them through the corporate landscape. Each student receives individualized attention from the professionals they learn from ensuring that the coursework is relevant and directly applicable to their fields.

There are three full degree programs offered by MSPP Online. Each degree program is backed by instruction from the same professionals that teach on-campus students. Each course, degree, or certificate earned online is as fully accredited as the school itself.

One of the programs offered at MSPP online is the Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology. This program spans 30 credits (expanding upon the corresponding baccalaureate degree) and is operated in an accelerated format. The courses are aimed at working professionals that want to sharpen their skills or enjoy the employment benefits of a furthered education.

Also offered by MSPP Online is the Master of Arts in Forensic and Counseling Psychology. This program spans 60 credits and runs the course of two years. This program of study is aimed at the occupations of court clinicians, members of secured forensic units, correctional psychologists, and child psychologists. The course is intensive and expansive giving distance learners the in depth knowledge they need to pursue the aforementioned occupations with the full set of skills and subsequent and pertinent peripheral knowledge.

The remaining program leads to a Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology which spans a two year period. This program was devised for licensed psychologists, pharmacists, physician assistants and practicing nurses that want to expand their credentials into the field of Psychopharmacology. Students in this program have some meetings on campus, but, with distance learning demands in mind, these are kept to the minimal necessary level.

Graduate full-time students should expect to pay $27,488 per year for tuition and part-time graduate students will pay $859 per credit hour. Financial aid is awarded mainly on the basis of merit-based scholarships and primarily from external sources. Federal, state, and local aid is also accepted by the graduate school.

The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology not only features all of the possible fields of applied psychology, but teaches students with the experience and academics qualifications necessary as well. Each student receives specified attention both to the process of lecturing and on each individual section of their coursework. An education at MSPP is as if each student is one-on-one with someone who is already employed in the field each student is approaching. For distance learners, a solid set of programs are in place and are apt to expand in the years coming providing you with more opportunities as time goes by.

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