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Mayville State University is a higher learning institution under the North Dakota University System and is located in Mayville, North Dakota. One of the unique features of the university is that each student is issued a TabletPC device which contains the common capabilities of a laptop combined with stylus input functionality. The prime directive of Mayville State University is to educate students towards their full academic potential and propel them into rewarding careers following their degrees. The university combines excellence in academics with networked resources that help students through their education and into their careers afterward.

Mayville State University is distance learning capable. Online courses and degrees are offered through the university’s own website, as opposed to being contracted through a third-party source using contract management software online. All courses and degree programs provided by Mayville State are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

One of the degrees offered by MSU online is the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This degree program is aimed at students that have already completed an associate’s level degree and want to major in business. The degree is transfer friendly, meaning that students who achieve this degree can apply it at most other institutions for further study in order to obtain, per se, a Master of Business Administration.

Another degree offered online at MSU is the Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Mathematics Education. This degree comes in combination with a requisite business administration minor. This program is enriched with the latest technology and takes students on an expansive journey through teacher education, management, mathematical studies, and teacher certification.

There are various other degrees offered at the baccalaureate level 100% online from MSU. For students that don’t want to choose a specific major and choose the content of their degree, MSU offers a Bachelor of University Studies online as well. This is a great pathway for interdisciplinary studies without having to double or triple major. Minors in Business Administration, Library Media & Information Science, and Early Childhood can be paired with the baccalaureate degree.

Tuition is extremely affordable for a university and just a college in general, both for in-state and out-of-state students. In-state students pay $3,985 per year for full-time tuition and part-time students pay $166 per credit hour. Out-of-state students pay $5,977 per year full-time and $249 per credit hour part-time. Since the university is only a four-year institution, graduate tuition rates do not apply.

Mayville State University has a solid array of credentials that can be earned online making the university an excellent asset for distance learners that want an accredited, 100% online degree. With the extremely low cost of tuition in mind, the quality of education at MSU is most certainly not compromised. For these reasons, Mayville State University offers students on and off campus the most bang for their buck, the best flexibility, and a fortified gateway from the classroom into a great career.

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