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McDaniel College is a baccalaureate liberal arts college located in Westminster, Maryland. McDaniel focuses on changing the lives of its students with an education that is best suited to them that is rooted in the liberal arts. Average class size is 17 making education individualized and a tribute to McDaniel’s emphatic commitment to each student’s success. Professors are, above all else, teachers and mentors and act to support their students for that is the true path towards student success. Beyond that is a sense of community that guides all who come to study leaving no one behind and propelling all ahead.

The college is distance learning capable in that they feature a few online courses. These courses were originally intended for supplementation to on-campus study, but open enrollment for these courses is now encouraged. There is not yet any mention of full degree programs, however, online classes are almost always the precursor to full distance learning programs. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

Classes can be arranged for asynchronous or independent study.  Each credit earned is mostly transfer-friendly, meaning there is a good chance a student can take courses a la carte and put them towards filling out an existing credential. For those who already have a degree and need to freshen or expand their skills, online courses are also a good choice.

Many undergraduate and graduate students pursue the major of Curriculum and Instruction. This makes the school strong in programs leading to Educational Administration and Leadership. Following the interest in the teacher-side of education is the popular pursuance of Health & Physical Education making students fit to become school health advisors in addition to opening up doors to Dietetics and Nutrition Specialty. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to General Psychology, Student Counseling & Personnel Services, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

For undergraduate students, tuition comes at the cost of $30,780 per year full-time and $962 per credit hour part-time. For graduate students, tuition is $5,850 per year full-time and part-time graduate students will pay $325 per credit hour. Generally speaking, financial aid is not hard to come by. If you’re not a part of the 92% of students receiving financial aid via institutional grants from McDaniel itself, federal, state, and local aid will most likely supply you. 1 out of 4 students at McDaniel receive federal aid and just under half the student body is receiving state or local grants.

McDaniel College is an excellent college to join if you plan to make a difference in the world of education. Society needs teachers just as much as students wanting a quality education need McDaniel. For students pursuing other majors, the palette of liberal arts majors to choose from is equally strong and supported. For distance learners that want to achieve their degree without leaving their current occupation, online classes are already in place and distance learning degrees should appear in the near future.

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