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McKendree University is a small liberal arts college seated in Lebanon, Illinois. The university’s aim is to supply the highest quality education to students of the highest academic performance. As a part of Mckendree’s liberal arts curriculum, the fields of study and educational possibilities are broad and often intersect with interdisciplinary study. Combining with this is the university’s plan to instill rigorous academics in this curriculum and a specialized program of training that equips students with career-specific practical knowledge. Surrounding this is an emphatically intellectual environment that is designed to bring out the best in students as they study.

McKendree Univeristy offers a variety of courses online, particularly during the summer months when most on-campus learners are on break. These courses were originally intended for combination with on-campus study, but open enrollment is presently encouraged. There are also online programs titled “e-Learning” that allow students to earn their degree online. It is also an excellent resource for completing general education requirements or for satisfying requirements for a major or minor.

Offered completely online is the Master of Arts in Education program which is designed to build upon previous credentials to enhance the student’s existing qualifications. Students that obtain this degree will enter the highly competitive and quickly expanding economic sector of Higher Education Management. This program spans the course of 12 courses that are taught by faculty experienced in this field. Tuition fees are $375 per credit hour with a stacked technology fee of $50 per credit hour totaling $425.

There are also accelerated programs designed for working adults that don’t have the means to make it to campus for study. Distance learners can obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration which serves the purpose of qualifying them for management and administrative positions in a corporate context or preparing them for the popular Master of Business Administration.

Students can also receive the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing or in Human Resource Management. Since these three variations share much of the same core courses, the majors are somewhat flexible and can be interchanged with a change in course structure. All degrees conferred online receive the same instruction and accreditation as degrees conferred on campus. These are offered through the Accelerated Instruction with McKendree (AiM) program and tuition fees are $315 per credit hour with the added $50 technology fee.

Financial aid is primarily available in the form of Federal aid, namely Pell Grants. There is also a consistently received state grant under the title of Illinois Student Assistance Commission Grants. Students also have online access to Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans and can even take advantage of Corporate Tuition Assistance.

McKendree offers solid programs online that can be used by distance learners to make headway into rewarding corporate careers. With that aside, the quality of instruction is hard to match and students enrolled at McKendree can often feel the difference when transferring from other colleges. As the university grows, so will its programs. More opportunities will appear in the near future.

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