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McMurry University is a small university affiliated with the Methodist Church and is located in Abilene, Texas. Through the achievements its of faculty, graduates, and students, McMurry University has become nationally known for its excellence in academics. The university believes that Christian ethic and involvement is the basis of life with personal relationships acting as the catalyst, excellence as the goal, and learning as the journey. For this reason, the university diverts its attention to the whole student, academically, personally, and spiritually to create an educational experience that is immersive and lasting throughout the students’ lives.

McMurry University is very flexible with its education programs in that they have special resources for many different specific academic plans. There is an Honors Program, opportunities for Inter-College Enrollment, a Developmental Studies Program, a Model UN Program, and pre-professional programs for Law, Health, Engineering, and even Physical Therapy. These are all different appendages to the strong curriculum that gives students many options when pursuing a degree for entry into specific careers.

The university currently doesn’t support online courses or distance education programs, however it is apt to institute these devices soon. As with most colleges, online courses will soon appear and, expanding upon these capabilities, distance learning programs will begin to develop. With this in mind, distance learners should expect opportunities to arise soon.

The chief program of study at McMurry is the field of Elementary Education & Teaching. This is a widely chosen program due to the reputation of McMurry for excellent teacher training and education administrator programs. Many students also have chosen the Secondary Education & Teaching major which follows a similar synopsis. Following this collective interest in popularity are the fields of General Psychology, Sociology, and Nursing.

Since McMurry is a four-year university, undergraduate tuition rates apply only. Full-time students should expect to pay $17,225 per year whereas part-time students should expect to pay $535 per credit hour. Additional fees such as for application, admission, course fees, etc. total $760 in required fees.

99% of students at McMurry University are receiving institutional grants through McMurray itself. This is largely due in part to the merit-based scholarships that are available, but are also largely due to grants and awards from the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation awarding grants to Christian qualifying students every year. Federal aid supplies just under half of the student populace while state/local grants supply almost 3 out of 4 students. In short, financial aid isn’t hard to come by and every student on campus is receiving it in some form.

McMurry University focuses on excellence not just by standards, but by investing its resources into every student accounting for each unique situation. Although there currently isn’t any distance learning opportunities, the university’s commitment towards inspiring academic excellence will prompt its expansion towards online platforms. What is assured is that the university will maintain its prestigious reputation with everything it pursues.

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