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McNeese State University is a state-supported university that is a part of the University of Louisiana System and is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The university provides education, academic service, and research that are geared towards student opportunity and, ultimately, excellence. The university, in addition to the backing of the state, has also networked itself with local industries and other economic institutions to both widen the post-educational opportunities available to students and benefit the Louisiana economy. Although attendance is over 8,200 students on a yearly basis, average class size is kept relatively small canceling the crowded atmosphere of a large university.

The state university does offer online courses individually in addition to online certificate programs through the Gatlin Online department and is contracted through Ed2Go. All online courses and certificates offered receive the same accreditation as courses and degrees received and taken on campus. Almost all of the certificate programs are aimed at training distance learners for entryway into a specific occupation or employed position.

Some program titles include, but are not limited to AutoCAD 2009, Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative, Comp TIAA+ Certification, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Terminology, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 2003, and Search Engine Marketing. Many of these are offered in conjunction with real-time training and can be applied to many of the collaborative resources offered by MSU.

McNeese instructors handle all courses, as opposed to getting marginal attention from a teaching assistant. Any of these can be taken with open enrollment, but many of them have a few prerequisites that need to be filled before entry into the program. Luckily, most of these prerequisites can be satisfied with the online array of courses offered at the university.

Tuition, regardless of state residency is extremely affordable given the quality of education and the diversity of options every student has when enrolling. Undergraduates and graduates pay the same rates full-time and part-time. For in-state full-time students, yearly tuition comes at the cost of $2,386 while part-time in-state students pay $286 per credit hour. For out-of-state full-time students tuition costs $8,452 per year and, for out-of-state part-time students, tuition is $792 per credit hour.

Financial aid is distributed in some form to approximately 9 out of 10 students each year. McNeese State University hosts a variety of scholarships both merit-based and need-based and supplies 1 out of 3 students with financial aid. Federal aid supplies approximately the same amount of students with grants like the PELL grant. State and local grants supply approximately 7 out of 10 students. In short, with state resources, neighboring institutions, collegiate scholarships, and grants, financial aid is not hard to come by.

McNeese State University aims its efforts at providing quality education with a personal touch. For distance learners, there are many gateways to specific careers available 100% online. For reasons like these, McNeese State University is an excellent, diverse resource for all college students.

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