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McPherson College is a baccalaureate, liberal arts college located in McPherson, Kansas. McPherson features a stimulating academic community that inspires students to pursue their careers with the intent of bettering human society. Among McPherson graduates are innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers that go on to influence and even revolutionize their fields. What is also unique about McPherson is that students are encouraged to step outside of their chosen majors and explore. This is partly due to the wide liberal arts curriculum, but is also due to the open style of degree orientation designed to cross disciplines when desired.

The college has attracted 620 students from all over the United States and even 6 foreign countries contributing to the generally diverse atmosphere that McPherson encourages. The span of majors offered at the college cover more than 20 different academic disciplines aside from the pre-professional programs devised to lift students to their desired careers. McPherson College has also enjoyed repeated accreditation from the North Central Association and the Higher Learning Commission.

In contrast to the usual course of a liberal arts college, many students pursue the major of Business Administration & Management. There are many strong business programs that reach across the liberal arts curriculum and into the array of pre-professional studies that McPherson offers. The second most popular major at the college is Industrial Production Technology/Technician. This is also a tribute to the pre-professional career training emphasis that McPherson institutes. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to Health & Physical Education, Elementary Education & Teaching, and Sociology.

Currently, McPherson College does not offer distance education programs or online courses. With that being said, the administration is apt to launch online courses in the near future to supplement on-campus study. Almost always, online courses become increasingly available until the requirements for some degrees can be met online. Distance learning programs should therefore appear in the near future.

Since McPherson College is a baccalaureate institution, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Full-time students pay $16,900 per year for tuition and part-time students pay $250 per credit hour. Almost every student attending McPherson College is receiving financial aid in some form. 98% of students are receiving institutional grants directly through the college itself and primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships. Financial aid supplies approximately 1 out of 4 students with tuition grants and state/local sources supply about 2 out of 9 students with awards for tuition purposes.

McPherson College is strong in both diversity and specificity. You as a student have a full range of liberal arts majors and programs at your disposal. Not only that, but you can cross between studies and round out your education even further. Once you have reached a specific major, there is most likely a dedicated program that will train you in the area of your desired career. If you are a distance learner that wants to attend McPherson, it won’t be long before you and students worldwide will be able to participate online.

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