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Medaille College is a liberal arts college that is located in Buffalo, New York. The purpose of Medaille College is to provide higher education for aspiring students using flexible programs based in the liberal arts. An education at Medaille is that of immersion, hands-on learning and coursework, real-world and real-time experience, and innovation in the field of teaching. The college harbors a diverse environment which, in turn, tailors its academic programs to fit a more eclectic agenda. On top of that, Medaille students have received grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health for their academic achievements.

Initially, Medialle College had it start when it was founded under the auspices of the Sisters of Saint Joseph as a normal school. With increasing enrollment, students demanded a more expansive curriculum and this prompted the college to evolve into a liberal arts college. Eventually, the college gained a charter from the state of New York and renamed itself to Mount Saint Joseph College in 1937. By 1968, student enrollment broke 2,000 and the college was renamed again to Medaille College. Medaille is French for “medal”.

The chief major of choice to this day remains Education. The college has maintained a standard of excellence in training teachers for various roles in education. Second to this interest is the popular major of Business Administration & Management. In addition to placing emphasis on Teaching credentials, the college also features strong Business concentrations to allow students to access the entrepreneurial side of a career. Supplementing this interest is the popularity of the General Business/Commerce major which most often leads to the Bachelor of Science, as opposed to a Master of Business Administration. Also popular are the fields of Veterinary/Animal Health Technology, and Elementary Education & Teaching.

For full-time undergraduate students, tuition comes at the cost of $17,420 per year and, for part-time undergraduate students, tuition comes at the cost of $617 per credit hour. For full-time graduate students, tuition is $15,240 yearly and $645 per credit hour for part-time graduate students. Currently, Medaille College doesn’t feature any distance learning programs nor does it feature any online courses. The college is apt, however, to install online courses in the near future and, as course selection expands, eventually distance learning degrees can be offered.

Every student at Medaille is receiving some form of financial aid. All students receive institutional aid from Medaille itself and primarily in the form of a merit-based scholarship, but also by need-based grants. Federal aid supplies approximately half of the student populace with grants for tuition and state/local aid supplies approximately 6 out of 10 students.

Medaille College has made successful attempt after successful attempt in inspiring each of its individual students to succeed. For the distance learners seeking to attend Medaille with the intent of earning a degree, online classes will be on their way soon. It won’t be long before students from around the world can access Medaille over the net.

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