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The Medical College of Wisconsin is a private medical school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The medical college has enjoyed repeated accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. The college’s main directive is to become a national leader in developing and educating the future generation of scientists and physicians. MCW has already succeeded in discovering and translating volumes of knowledge in biomedical sciences in addition to harboring a creative environment for medical students of all disciplines. With that in mind, the medical school has networked with hospitals, healthcare providers, and neighboring institutions to provide opportunities for all of its students.

The Medical College of Wisconsin had its start in 1893 under the title of the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons. Eventually, as its student base grew and its resources began stretching to network with neighboring institutions, the college met interests with the Milwaukee Medical College. The two merged in 1913 to form the Marquette University School of Medicine, under the auspices of Marquette University. By 1967, the medical school became independent and a freestanding institution and, by 1970, the name was changed to present day Medical College of Wisconsin.

There is a selection of online courses available at the Medical College of Wisconsin. These courses were originally intended for combination with on-campus study, although, enrolling for the sole purpose of these courses is also fruitful. Distance learners can expect more opportunities to arise, as the usual course of action in any educational institution is to expand the online course selection until open online enrollment is possible. Almost always, the selection of online courses grows to eventually satisfy the requisites of a degree and, therefore, distance learners can expect online degrees to become available in the near future.

What the college of medicine is most concentrated in is the field of Public Health. This is best suited for private and public healthcare providers and has served, being a major, as a continual source of employment. A popular major within these studies is Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences. This pertains to specific occupations, like Dentistry, and has led to an array of professional graduate credentials. Other popular majors include, but are not limited to Epidemiology, Medical Informatics, and Bioinformatics.

Since the Medical College of Wisconsin is a graduate medical school, only graduate tuition rates apply. Full-time students should expect to pay $11,700 per year and part-time students should expect to pay $650 per credit hour. Due to the college’s networked resources, there are some work-study programs available in addition to a cornucopia of scholarships awarded based on different factors. Federal, state, and local aid has also been consistently dispersed and accepted by the college as well. The total magnitude and distribution of these grants and awards are not presently known, however, what is certain is that financial aid is not hard to come by at MCW.

The Medical College of Wisconsin has served as the growing hub of medical and health sciences in Milwaukee and statewide. For distance learners seeking to join this college, there are online courses already in place. It won’t be long before medical students can earn their degree without setting foot on campus.

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