Medical School Trends for 2013

If you’re on the premed track, be sure to read these trends for 2013. It’s important to be aware of what can potentially happen to you as you make your trek to what will hopefully, eventually become a medical professional. These are the trends that are the most prominent, backed up by data as I will detail and link to below.

A med student utilizes the iPad in class. (photo by University of Michigan)

A med student utilizes the iPad in class. (photo by University of Michigan)

#1. There’s More Competition Than Ever Before

As I look in my graduating class (which mainly consists of honors/AP students,) about one third are attempting to make their way into the medical field. It does not surprise me that there is more competition. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, roughly 45,000 people applied to medical school in 2012, whereas in 2008, there were roughly 42,000 applicants. This increase does not appear to be shifting to a decrease in the years to come.

#2. Higher Demand for Primary Care Physicians

According to this article by premedlife, it has been predicted that by 2020, there will be a shortage of primary care physicians – making for higher demand of them. Want a safe job? Do something that no one else is doing, but that people still need. You’ll be indispensable to the world with that kind of specialty.

#3. Less Emphasis on Standardizing Students

Want to get into med school with your GPA and MCAT, you may find it harder than ever before. Why? The world is changing. As we lose our sense of privacy and all other inhibition, we find that you will most likely get accepted into a medical school by showing that you were a well-rounded person more so than if you were the valedictorian of your class. The approach is good, considering those who will be the best doctors will be the doctors of tomorrow – however, for those who appreciate that they can divulge their lives between work and everything else, this is a major concern. It’s disheartening to know that you have to be holistic about your approach to medical school – any smudge on your record could set you back almost entirely.

#4. Execute Plans to Decrease the Residency Gap

As many of you already can see the trends that are happening everywhere, you acknowledge that too many people are getting themselves educations, and frankly, there’s just not enough jobs on the market to hold everyone down and make them all happy. It’s true – just because you have a piece of paper in your hand or framed on your wall does not mean that you will necessarily benefit from it. Although it’s a sad fact, there are plans being thought of right now to decrease the residency gap that may hold you back in the future.

#5. Utilizing Technology

Ah, my favorite – implementing technology into the academic scenario. Just like colleges around the nation, iPads are being utilized as tools to help expand learning and perhaps even emulate situations designated in each job. In this case, there are ways to learn curriculum through iPad – which makes life substantially easier. Students have already (88%) stated that they feel that they have increased their learning experience.

So here is most of what you have to look forward to in 2013 for medical trends!

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