Medical University of South Carolina Distance Learning

The Medical University of South Carolina is a school of medicine located in Charleston, South Carolina. The university is a culmination of subsidiary medical institutions and functions primarily as a teaching hospital and an academic medical center. As a university, MUSC has pushed to the cutting edge of advances in medicine attracting and employing world-class physicians conducting breakthrough research and developing brand new medical technology. Students get instruction from immediately practicing physicians, healthcare providers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in addition to participating in real hospital environments for in-depth and immersive education.

Most students at the university pursue a Medical Doctorate degree to become a practicing physician of some kind. General medicine networks expertise and resources from all different departments of the university and considered to be a strong major at MUSC. Also prospective for M.D. pursuant students are the research opportunities that span a diverse range of medical disciplines, like osteopathy, cancer treatment, or neuroscience.

Also popular at the university is the field of Nursing which spans the range of Registered Nurse, to the Associate of Science in Nursing all the way through the terminal Doctor of Nursing Practice. Also popular for study at MUSC are the fields of Physical Therapy/Therapist, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physician Assistant. All of these fields have received somewhat equivocal attention. Also notable about the university is that it divides its sciences into a series of colleges like the College of Pharmacy or the College of Nursing, giving them their own separate emphasis.

Some online courses are offered at the university, but are intended for combination with study at the university itself. Some cases of distance learning have been arranged with the student later traveling to campus to fill out the remainder of their studies. As the university is thoroughly immersed in technology, distance education opportunities are rapidly coming to fruition. Soon, the selection of online courses will expand to satisfy the requisites of certain degrees whereupon distance degrees should become available.

Since the university is state-supported, tuition varies by residence. For in-state students, undergraduate tuition is $11,868/year full-time or $516/credit hour part-time and graduate tuition is $11,554/year full-time or $578/credit hour part-time. For out-of-state students, undergraduate tuition is $32,236/year full-time or $1,147/credit hour part-time and graduate tuition is $17,375/year full-time or $872/credit hour part-time.

Due to the extensive partnerships and collaborations with neighboring institutions along with fiscal support from the state of South Carolina, financial aid is not hard to come by. Some students receive different scholarships that are based on a variety of factors. Federal, state, and local aid is also accepted, although, the magnitude and recipient distribution of these grants are not known. What is certain, however, is that students attending MUSC will be able to procure financial aid in some form.

For distance learners, the university has already put online courses in place and, with each passing semester, more and more courses will become available. For general students attending the Medical University of South Carolina, the research, development, and educational opportunities are state-of-the-art and available for open enrollment.

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