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Meharry Medical College is a professional graduate institution with Methodist affiliations and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The mission of Meharry Medical is to improve the healthcare and general health of underserved and minority communities by educating all students, especially minority students in health services. The college has also made efforts to invest in research to help minimize health disparities. Meharry Medical College has received full accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is among some of the best educational opportunities that Tennessee has to offer.

The college developed originally as an offshoot institution of Central Tennessee College. According to history, the medical institution was named for Samuel Meharry, an immigrant salt trader traveling through Tennessee. His wagon crashed into a swamp ditch whereupon a local, nameless freedmen family nursed him back to health and recovered his wagon. Having no money at the time, he pledged to the family that he would return the favor to the African-American race when he procured funds. He and four brothers founded in 1875 what would become Meharry Medical College today.

The most popular educational direction taken by students at Meharry is the path of a Medical Doctor. The college has very strong and well-reinforced programs for general medicine that combine resources from its subsidiary majors. M.D. students have also found many opportunities with employment through Meharry and have largely engaged in the medical research in Meharry facilities.

Also popularly pursued at Meharry Medical is the field of Dentistry.  The same magnitude in opportunities of employment as M.D. students have found are also available to Dentistry students pursuing either the D.D.S., or D.M.D. Other popular majors at Meharry Medical College include, but are not limited to General Public Health, Biology, and Biological Sciences.

Since Meharry Medical College is exclusively a graduate-level college, only graduate tuition rates apply. Graduate full-time students should expect to pay $11,845 per year. Only full-time enrollment is accepted at Meharry Medical College. Currently there are no distance learning opportunities hosted at the college, however, distance education is becoming increasingly popular at graduate medical schools around the world. Online courses should appear soon in supplement to the on-campus curriculum. Almost always, online course selection grows until the requisites for degrees are met and, in the near future, distance learners can expect distance degrees to become available.

There are merit-based scholarships in addition to minority-focused grants based on the factors of financial need. Both are offered through Meharry Medical College itself. In addition, the college is accepting federal, state, and local grants and has had a consistent history of these awards being dispersed to most of its students. The magnitude and recipient percentage is not known, however, what is certain is that all students have been able to procure financial aid in some form.

Meharry Medical College has grown from a small medical institute into one of Tennessee’s leading medical research colleges. For distance learners eager to participate in Meharry Medical’s education programs, online classes are on their way. In the future, distance learning degrees will appear.

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