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Menlo College is private, baccalaureate business college located in Atherton, California. The goal of Menlo College is to educate the business leaders of tomorrow. This is accomplished by introducing students to a business education based in the liberal arts that integrates real-world fieldwork with academic study. Apart from this, the college has collaborated and networked its resources with neighboring business institutions and many employing businesses that have returned experienced and practicing faculty. These two aspects combined give students at Menlo College a solid, yet enriched education in the world of business and its subsequent fields of study.

Originally, Menlo College had its start when the Menlo School for Boys opened a junior college to offer a two-year collegiate education to its secondary school students. The school fought through the ravages of the Great Depression with internal loans and donated property giving the college a chance to open its first four-year program, the School of Business Administration. This qualified the college for tax-exemption giving it some extra capital to eventually offer programs in Business Law.

Currently, there are no distance learning programs available for enrollment at Menlo College, however plans to develop this exact type of program are being drafted. Menlo plans to offer online courses in supplement to on-campus education that will eventually expand to accommodate open enrollment. Almost always, this leads to an array of courses that expands to eventually meet the requisites for a degree whereupon the college can offer distance learning degrees 100% online. Distance learners can expect opportunities in that respect to arise soon.

As a business-focused college, the grand majority of attending students are majoring in Business Administration and Management. Since the college is a baccalaureate institution, these studies typically result in a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science in Business/Commerce/Marketing. Other students take an independent route in their studies and opt to receive the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a major somewhere in the field of business. The majors of Mass Communication and Media Studies have also received concentrated attention from Menlo students.

Since the college is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Undergraduate full-time students pay $35,000 per year for tuition and part-time students pay $1,271 per credit hour. Scholarships, grants, and awards have been given from the college to 91% of Menlo students directly from the college itself. Other forms of aid, federal, state, and local sources, have supplied approximately 2 out of 10 students with tuition aid. As a result, 92% of all students are receiving financial aid in some form.

Menlo College is not only renowned for its programs in business, but for its well-rounded curriculum in the liberal arts that gives students a full, knowledgeable perspective on today’s business world. For distance learners seeking to major in business, Menlo will be offering online courses in the near future and, not long after, degrees in business as well.

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