Mentally Preparing for College

How to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for college.(photo credit Bearseye)

All teens say they are completely and totally read to fly out the nest and be on their own. But everyone honestly has questions and fears that they may not want to open up to. Going from high school to college is not a quick and easy transition. You need to select a college and get all of your paperwork done and you need to figure out where you are going to live and how. You also need to think about part time jobs and making time for homework.All the practical aspects are extremely important; however, being mentally and emotionally prepared for college is the biggest part about the transition. That is how you really know that you are ready and will make it. Our emotions and stability cause how we act and what we will do. There are many tips when making the transition:

  • Be prepared for the unexpected:

You are about to go into a world that you are unfamiliar with and need to get adjusted to. Do not think that life will be exactly how it was back home. You need to get used to a new way of living and be prepared for it. You are in college to get your education and become successful, to do that you must open yourself up to the new area. Do not be shy and just open your mind to the new world and get comfortable.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

So many teens want to seem tough and mature so they do not ask for help even when they really need it. Your parents are probably one of the best support systems to go to. You may not want to because you are trying to prove to them that you can make it on your own but they have been in your shoes. They know that leaving home and going off into a big campus with a new way of learning is difficult. Your parents know you best and will always be there for you whether you need some homemade cooking or a nice talk on the phone. Also remember your friends at college or from home will be there for you. There are so many people who are in the same position as you and can relate. Do not be afraid to ask for a helping hand because most likely someone else needs a helping hand as well.

The transition to college is not an easy one but it is doable. It is the time in your life where you are on your own and testing yourself to see if you are prepared for the real world. It is a good point in your life and you should be excited and content but also be aware that it will not be easy. You have transitioned from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, and each time you had to get used to something. Now is the time to make the biggest transition and you will be able to succeed in college as long as you open up and go in prepared.

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