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Mercyhurst College is a Catholic college of the liberal arts and is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. The college is fully-accredited as a baccalaureate institution. There are over 50 majors available to choose from as a part of the college’s curriculum, and many more concentrations to choose. What’s unique about the college is that it is one of the only colleges in the region to utilize the trimester academic period system. With that aside, the college adheres to its central pillar of Catholic ethics and lends a hand to every student that approaches the table of higher learning.

Mercyhurst College offers some courses online that can be used as a means of filling out degree requisites or refreshing a certain skills. Online courses are of a limited selection being that they were intended for combination with on-campus study, however, open enrollment is encouraged. All online courses offered at Mercyhurst are backed by Mercyhurst faculty instruction, as opposed to receiving marginal attention from a teaching assistant.

With Mercyhurst’s focus on quality, expansion of courses is slow, in that the staff takes care to assure that each course matches the college’s educational standards. What is certain, although, is that the selection will continue to expand until the requisites of a degree have been met. In that respect, distance learners can expect degree opportunities to arise soon.

The most popular field of study at Mercyhurst College is that of International Global Studies. As a part of Mercyhurst’s global outlook, international concentrations such as these are encouraged. As a fitting close second, Business Administration & Management takes up the second largest crowd at the College with strong academics and business-focused curriculum in store. Also popular at the college are the fields of Criminal Justice, Safety Studies, Nursing, and Elementary Education & Teaching. The college has witnessed a period of operation wherein it functioned partly as a normal school and has maintained emphasis on Teaching majors.

For undergraduate students, full-time tuition is $21,690 per year and part-time tuition comes out to $723 per credit hour. For graduate students, full-time tuition is $15,960 per year and $532 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. With Catholic financial and philanthropic resources in store, 95% of students at the college have received institutional grants from Mercyhurst itself. Federal grants account for 1 out of 3 students and the same recipient percentage can be said of state or local grants. In total, all but 3% of students on campus are receiving financial aid in some form.

Mercyhurst College isn’t simply a private, Catholic college with a liberal arts core. Mercyhurst is a dynamic college spanning a variety of majors that go beyond its liberal arts core and into a diverse range of fields. For distance learners eager to attend, online courses have been mobilized and are growing in quantity each semester. It won’t be far in the future before Mercyhurst starts granting degrees to distance learners.

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