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Merrimack College is a selective, Augustinian, Roman Catholic college seated in North Andover, Massachusetts. The college has a broad curriculum based in the liberal arts but is also known to have strong concentrations in Business, General Science, Engineering, and Teacher Education programs. Educational opportunities entailed by Merrimack are hands-on opportunities, cooperative education, internships, faculty-involved research, and even collaborative partnerships with neighboring businesses that hire students right after graduation! The Augustinian tradition is simply a dedication to scholarship and service to the community by developing each student on an academic, spiritual, and personal basis.

In 1947, Merrimack College was founded under the auspices of the Order of St. Augustine. as an effort to educate returning G.I.’s from World War II. The Augustinian tradition intertwined with Merrimack’s education takes after Saint Augustine of Hippo. Saint Augustine was a compassionate leader that sought to better his surroundings using the guidance of intellectual humanism. Today, the college carries on the tradition in having graduated over 22,000 students with the same goals.

The most popular major at Merrimack College is the major of General Psychology. Students enroll with concentrations in General Psychology either to become professional psychological consultants or to become personal advisors. Either of these destinations are fruitful in the ways of employment. Second to this interest is the major of Business Administration & Management with strong programs dedicated to Business, Finance, and Accounting majors. Also popular is Marketing Management, Political Science & Government, and Accounting.

Currently, Merrimack College does not host online courses nor distance learning programs. That isn’t to say that online courses won’t be available in the near future. As is the usual trend in education technology, Merrimack is apt to assemble individual courses into an online platform. Almost always, this is the precursor to full-fledged distance degree programs. With this in mind, distance learners can expect opportunities to arise from Merrimack College in the near future.

Tuition for undergraduate students comes at the cost of $28,157 for full-time enrollment and, for part-time students, undergraduate tuition is $1,005 per credit hour. For graduate students, tuition amounts to $7,200 yearly in full-time studies and, for part-time studies, graduate tuition is $450 per credit hour. 95% of students attending Merrimack are receiving institutional aid primarily in the form of scholarships based on various factors, but also need-based grants. Approximately 1 in 6 students receive federal aid on a yearly basis and about 1 out of 6 students receives state/local aid for tuition purposes. In total, every student on campus is receiving financial aid in some form.

Merrimack College is the college of choice for Roman Catholic students that want to experience education in the Augustinian tradition. This is because the academics are far-reaching and thoroughly attended to in order to support the intellectual environment that a college ought to foster. For distance learners that would like a chance to experience this education, online courses will be coming soon and, eventually, distance learning degrees will be conferred over the net.

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