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Mesa State College is a state-supported liberal arts college located in Grand Junction, Colorado. In response to today’s complex, interconnected world, Mesa State has constructed a curriculum and academic array that prepares students in the fullest way possible using a liberal arts curriculum. For vocational workforce demands, the Mesa State also features specific technical training courses. Student enrollment is poised to break 8,000 in the near future and Mesa State College has kept a good student to faculty ratio to match the droves of students that pour in every year.

Mesa State feature a selection of online courses via Mesa State Online. The courses can be taken individually, asynchronously, or arranged in independent study. Courses can also be used to fill out the requirements for a degree that will later be completed on a college campus. Full degrees offered 100% online don’t seem to be available. However, with the large and growing selection, the requisites for a degree are apt to materialize.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Principles of Managerial Accounting, Two-Dimensional Design, General Human Biology, Gothic and Northern Renaissance Art and Architecture, Ethics in Criminal Justice, Herpetology, Pathophysiology, and English Composition. Course selection spans a broad variety of topics and reaches well beyond what is listed here. All courses are also taught by Mesa State instructors, as opposed to being marginalized and delegated to lesser qualified staff.

The most popular majors at Mesa State are General Business, General Commerce, Nursing, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice, Police Science, and Machine Tool Technology. Mesa State College offers the Master of Business Administration and Master in the Art of Teaching apart from what is otherwise a baccalaureate range of studies. Also contributing to the concentrations at Mesa State for vocational training is the increased enrollment in Machine Tool Technology underlining the abundance of Information Technology curriculum.

Since Mesa State College is state-supported, tuition rates vary by residence. For undergraduate in-state/out-of-state students, full-time tuition is $4,324/$13,098 per year and $154/$468 per credit hour part-time. For graduate in-state/out-of-state students, full-time tuition comes out to $3,280/$9,842 per year and part-time tuition amounts to $182/$547 per credit hour.

Financial aid is available through Mesa State and is dispersed to 1 in 4 students through the college itself each year. Federal grants supply approximately 3 out of 10 students while the same recipient percentage can be said of state/local grants. In total, 73% of students attending Mesa State College are receiving financial aid in some form.

Mesa State College hosts all of the networked resources and state-supported entitlements that a student could use for their education. The liberal arts curriculum is versatile and far-reaching with plenty of room for technical, financial, educational, and entrepreneurial training, even at the graduate level. For distance learners eager to attend, there are plenty of online courses available for use over the net and will very soon turn into full degrees.

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