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Messiah College is a Christian liberal and applied arts and sciences college located in Grantham, Pennsylvania. Messiah College aims its efforts at harboring an evangelical spirit in each and every student in order to emphasize, disseminate, and instill Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan traditions of the Church. To that end, the college educates students toward the maturity of their intellect and character to prepare them for a life of service and Christian leadership in the fields of study that they will inevitably influence. Messiah is nationally ranked for the quality of its education programs.

In 1909, Messiah College was originally founded under the auspices of the Brethren in Christ Church and call the Messiah Bible School and Missionary Training Home. By 1921, the academics offered at Messiah had expanded into the role of a junior college prompting a name change to Messiah Bible School. It later became a baccalaureate institution with the turn of the 1950s and, by 1951, became Messiah College which would be the title it would stay under through its eventual accreditation in 1963. After that, the college proceeded to network with other Christian institutions near the various Messiah locations around the United States.

The most popular field of study at Messiah College is Elementary Education & Teaching. This is the late evolution of Messiah’s history as a Bible School in that seminary style schools often function partially as a normal school for early childhood teachers. Communication Studies/Speech Communication comes after Education as the second most popular major as a part of Messiah’s Christian ethic of helping those who need help most, like the deaf and communicably challenged. Also popular at Messiah is Psychology, Nursing, and Kinesiology & Exercise Science.

Currently, Messiah College does not host online classes nor distance education programs, however, the college is apt to assemble an online course platform in the near future. As is the usual trend in technology for every college, online courses then expand to meet the requisites of certain credentials. It is then that distance learners can expect distance degree opportunities to arise.

Since Messiah College is a four-year institution, undergraduate rates apply only. Undergraduate students pay $24,900 per year full-time and $1,040 per credit hour part-time. 99% of students are receiving financial aid directly through Messiah College itself due in part to the philanthropic, Christian financing offered. Federal grants have made it into the hands of approximately 1 out of 6 students each year and state/local grants supply 1 out of 4. In total, 99% of students attending Messiah College receive financial aid in some form from some source.

Messiah College is an excellent resource for Christian students that want a traditionally styled liberal arts education. For distance learners that want the same experience, but that can’t leave their present environment, online classes will be offered soon at the college. Soon after, degrees will be earned over the net as well.

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